changing feeling of Miranda

In each chapter it shows more deaths,a flu has struck all over the US,Matt is starting to feel better 8a little*,for a while they all had fire wood and Miranda writes her final journal entry.

Time has gone by fast showing that it is now Miranda's seventeenth birthday,she ends her "journal" by telling us how it is now with maybe there is hope that her loved ones are alive and why she does write in this journal.All of the disasters has made a inpact on her from beggenning it shows her being shocked and almost hopeless of what the next day might bring for her.To the end she shows almost a hopeless but used to life  showing that  "but i't dosn't matter.I't was food and it will get us through for weeks" Even if life has been bad she has now became even hopefull of little things such as "We can only hope now that Dad and Lisa and baby Rachel are alive.Grandma,too."Showing that this once must frustarated and fearfull girl has found her little hope from getting used to knowing that her time will some come,but for the time being she is hopefull of what each day gives her."But today isn't a day to worry about the furture.Whatever will happen will happen."

The End

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