Miranda and the stranger wait to observe

Miranda caught a brief glimpse of the foremost figure in the pack running towards her. It was dressed nondescriptly in flowing clothes, covering its body from head to foot. But in that instant the hood was blown partially back by the wind, revealing the side of a very pale face. Bluish pale, she thought.

Then she was hidden. "Stay," said the stranger.

She could feel pines and other brush poking into her, over her entire body. The man who had thrust her so gracefully into this position was presently standing directly over her, out in the open where he would within seconds encounter those... people.

Suddenly he began shouting at them in a horribly unfamiliar language. His voice was barely recognizable. He was speaking so forcefully in this bizarre tongue... demanding something. He pointed to the range of forest behind him, and continued to yell at them aggressively. He boldy moved forward, and Miranda could no longer see him.

She heard their footsteps... they were spreading out, all in the opposite direction! He had fended them off! This was her chance to escape! She knew they were not coming her way; they were leaving. There was one direction she felt sure would be safe...

But he had told her to stay. And that voice... The voice had told her to trust him.

The End

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