Miranda stands her ground

Miranda's first impulse was to run as fast as she could but her body was paralysed with fear. I mean even if she was to run where would she go? Her eyes were only just becoming accustomed to the darkness and she could only see the vague straggly outline of bushes. Not only that but all around her she could feel the presence of that whispering voice. How was she to know that she wasn't moving directly towards it, that she wasn't getting herself into even more danger.

Miranda's mind kept flickering from one option to the next but she could not make up her mind what to do. She wished desperately that she could remember what had happened but too much of today's events were a blank. If only she could remember she would know where to start. She stood there for what seemed like hours but in fact barely a minute ticked by. All that time her ears were constantly straining, trying to pick out any sign of that hoarse warning whisper. She didn't want to hear it again, that bodyless voice had been one of the most terrifying things she had ever experienced but she suddenly realised that not hearing it was making her feel worse. That voice was giving her the only guidance that she had. She had no idea of what had or was happening and that voice might be the only way to understand this situation she had ended up in.

Miranda clenched her fists tight together, her fingernails digging sharply into the cold, clammy flesh of her hands. She took in a deep breath and  said "What is happening? Who are you?". Although she tried to remain calm, she heard her voice waver.


Now she could feel the panic and hear it in the shrillness of her voice. "I demand to know what is happening! Tell me".

Still no answer but Miranda felt a strange pull, an impulse to walk forward and as she did so she noticed for the first time a large, dark opening in the floor. She peered frantically into it but her eyes could not penetrate the heavy blackness within in. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she noticed a light flickering between the trees.

The End

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