It’s a plus, I told myself, as I looked down at the white stick I  had just peed on. How am I suppose to tell him, how is he going to react, is he going to be mad, is this going to put more stress, what are we going to do, what about the wedding that we are planning! I said screw it all I’m just going to tell him “Sam!” “yes?” he said with some worry in his voice. “You might want to come look at this” I said. He came in the bathroom and looked at the stick, He looked at me with a huge grin on his face. “This is great news” he said with excitement in his voice. I sighed with relief and he picked me up and hugged me. “We should have the wedding sooner and smaller so we have enough money for the baby and so i’m not showing for our wedding. I was hoping we could have the wedding next year after I have the baby so that I’m not showing at all and our baby can be in the wedding. What do you think Sam?” “That sounds absolutely perfect as long as I get to marry the girl of my dreams and have a healthy baby I am perfectly okay with it.”

For the next couple of weeks all I did was plan the wedding with my mom and Sam’s mom. We had fun until I slipped and told them that we were having a baby. Sam’s mom jumped for joy but my mom on the other hand just looked down at the floor. After saying nothing at just looking at the floor for ten minutes she asked if I had told my father yet. I told her no and she looked even more disappointed in me. I had never seen her look at me like that before. Well I mean besides the time that I told her me and Sam were going to be moving in together right when I got out of High School. She thinks all perfect family’s are suppose to be 25 when they get married and then have their first child when they are well off. Well she needs to get it through her head that, thats not how my life is going to be.

I have my 7 month check up and we get to find out if the baby was still healthy. I go upstairs to make sure Sam is awake and getting ready, but of course he is still sleeping. We have to leave in ten minutes and he hasn't even showered. So I yelled at him and he jumped into the shower and got ready in under ten minutes I was impressed. Well me being impressed didn’t last long. His keys weren’t where he had left them so he says. So after searching the house for fifteen minutes I finally found them and we got in the car the only problem was that then the car didn’t start, so I had to go inside and grab my car keys. We were finally on our way, of course Sam thought he had to speed so that we wouldn’t be late. We got to the stop lights at the end of our road. I looked out the window on his side when I saw the semi coming straight at us. I yelled as loud as I could but it wasn’t fast enough.

I looked at Sam but after I did I wish I wouldn’t have there was blood everywhere and his eyes were shut. I screamed for help as loud as I could with tears running down my face. I tried to grab my phone but my arm wouldn’t move so I tried to use my other one but it was stuck and I couldn’t get it so I screamed louder hoping someone would hear me. I looked back at Sam hoping his eyes would be open but they weren’t. I looked out the cracked windshield to finally see an ambulance. When they came to the car I yelled to them “help him he is the one that need the medical help right now not me he is the one that took the hit.” The pride the door open and got him out. Then they came back for me they got me out by pulling me through the drivers side where they had gotten Sam out. They took me into the ambulance and started asking me a whole bunch of questions. The only thing on my mind was the baby. Would he or she be okay? “I’m seven months pregnant! Will my baby be okay?” The doctors just looked at me with nothing to say. I started bawling hysterically not knowing what to do but put my hand that moved on my stomach and just leave it there hoping that they baby would kick just once so I knew it was still okay.

I got to the hospital and asked about Sam they said they didn’t know for sure how he was doing but they said that if they did a c-section now that the baby would have a chance to live. I told them I wanted the c section then. After they did the c-section they had to take my baby and make sure everything was okay and that it is healthy. I told them to take me to see Sam. I got in the room and his eyes were closed he looked like he was at peace. I told them to roll me closer so i could touch his hand they told me then that i had broken one of my arms and that Sam is in a comma and his leg was broken. When they wheeled me up to him I grabbed his hand and asked them to leave me alone so I could have sometime with him. I kept telling him to open his eyes and look at me so we could find out what the sex of our baby was and what to name her or him. His finger started to move. Then his eyes opened! I started to yell for the doctor. They came running in and said that it was a miracle that he opened his eyes. I kissed him and told him the news that our child was born but I wanted to wait till he was awake and could help me name her or him.  

They brought our baby in rapped in a pink blanket and told us that is was a girl. I started crying with joy knowing my family was all okay and that I had a baby girl. I took her and held her in my arm. She had bright blue eyes like her daddy and little bit of blond hair on the top of her round little head. Sam asked me if he could hold our miracle baby. I asked the doctor to help me give him our precious baby girl. I asked him what he wanted her name to be and he said “Miracle.”  


The End

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