It only took a few minutes to pack his gear with Enora’s help, before he knew it he was in a lift headed for the cruiser bay of the Zerachiel which was located at the top of the bomber docking ring. The lift doors parted and revealed the huge open area of the bomber docking ring. He walked out on to the deck which was the same size as the Concourse but was completely flat. The only thing that stopped him from seeing completely to the other side of the ship were the three massive cruisers that were docked to this section of the bomber ring. Vincent turned around and looked at the four hundred metre wide space between the platform he stood on and the outer cylindrical shield wall of the ring. He could see the arms of the rail system that were used to guide the bombers into their loading bays if they were damaged or if the Zerachiel was moving too fast for a safe manual landing. He carefully walked to the edge of the platform and leaned over to see the honeycomb of bomber bays that perforated the structure he stood on.
    “Vincent.” Marcus yelled.
    Vincent spun about and looked back toward the cruiser on Charlie bay. “Yeah I’m coming.” He broke into a light jog as he made his way toward the Cruiser. As he got nearer he noticed that there was a large cargo container that had been placed just beside the Cruiser; members of the Recce team were travelling back and forth from the Cruiser to the Cargo container. He jogged up beside Marcus and started. “So what’s with that?”
    “That is apparently their armoury.” Marcus answered as he watched Trigger walk out with a rifle case that was fitted with a retinal scanning lock system. “That’s an impressive case.” He murmured. “I want one.”
    “Speaking of armouries, did you get your pistol?” Vincent remarked as he pulled his from the holster and cleared it.
    “I sure did, and I also brought my submachine gun for the hell of it.” He smiled, turning himself to the side so Vincent could see it dangling just above his hip.
    “What?” Vincent barked. “Why the hell did you bother bringing that?”
    “I’m not sure, I saw these guys pulling out massive weaponry and figured I’d underdressed, so I went back and got it.”
    “Well you’re not going to need it... are those grenades?”
    Marcus looked down at his hip. “Yes, they are.”
    Vincent shook his head, holstered his pistol and began to make his way toward the Cruiser.

The End

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