Once Chance To ProveMature

Marcus turned the corner, walking hastily toward Vincents room. He bumped into other crew members as he passed them, cutting another off when he finally reached the door. He activated the intercom and spoke, “Vincent, come on we’re being scrambled, get your ass out here.”
    There was a moment of silence before Vincent replied. “Come in.” The door slid open.
    Marcus walked into the room that was darkly lit in comparison to the hallway. “Come on man, hurry it up.”
    Vincent walked into living room from the washroom. “Why? I have no combat status, there’s no reason for me to gear up.”
    “It’s not a combat mission we’re being bugged out for, so get your shit on or it’s both our asses and Enoras too.
    “Why Enoras?”
    “Because it’s Commander Schindler who’s calling the scramble, Enoras personally responsible for the attendance of her crew, so if you care at all for your testicles I’d be geared up pronto.”
    “Alright, I’m coming.”
    Fifteen minutes later they entered the briefing room. Impatient glares came from the pilots who were already there and waiting on them. “Sorry guys.” Marcus said, taking a seat in the back.
    Enora turned from her seat at the front. She quickly looked at Commander schindler which had turned to prepare the screen. Quickly and quietly she got up and made her way to the back and sat beside Vincent. “Where have you been?” She said irritably.
    “I thought it was a combat scramble, which of course would make it useless for me to attend the briefing.”
    “I want you here on all briefings, regardless of your combat status you’re still a member of my crew and you need to be here, even if you go back to quarters or other tasks afterward. Understood?”
    “Yes Ma’am.” Vincent replied, visibly bothered by the confrontation.
    “Good.” Enora said, turning her eyes to the front and subtly sliding her hand onto his.
    Vincents anger eased. He rubbed her hand with his as they waited for the commander to start.
    “Alright.” Commander Schindler stated. “Good evening. I’ve called you all here because holographics has recently targeted a vessel which seems to be drifting in system. It’s moving much slower than we are which means our window to act is extremely small, if we don’t launch a team within the next five hours we’ll have missed our chance to investigate the situation. I want a volunteer crew out of one of you to fly a recce team onto that ship and ascertain its condition. Considering its location we fear it is a vessel that suffered the minefield we did on our way in system. If you choose to accept this mission you will be taking a recce team on a high G deceleration course toward the vessel. Questions?”
    Several pilots put up their hands and the Commander began to answer questions.
    Enora turned to Vincent. “I don’t like this, what’s the point of doing a sneak and peak on a ship that’s probably busted to pieces.”
    “It could give us intelligence on the local defences.” Marcus said.
    “I’ll do it.” Vincent said out loud.
    The commander turned away from another pilot who was asking a question and looked directly at Vincent.
    Vincent stood up. “I’ll do it. It’s not considered a combat mission and I’m the only pilot here who’s been stripped of combat status, using any other pilot would be illogical, you’d be taking manpower away from the defence of the Zerachiel.”
    “Then the mission is yours Lieutenant Alastaire. Briefing is in one hour. You’re all dismissed.”
    Enora looked up at him. “What’re you doing?”
    Vincent turned to her. “I can’t just sit around like this it’s only been a day and it’s driving me nuts. I hate the fact that I’m practically useless, this at least gives me the chance to do something constructive.”
    Marcus sighed. “Damnit why do you always volunteer for shit like this.
    Vincent walked out of the isle and made his way toward the door, Enora quickly followed.”
    “Vincent.” She said. “Wait for me.”
    “If you’re not going to support my decision I’d rather not talk to you right now.” Vincent said as he continued to walk to ward the lift.
    Enora stopped, she watched him walk into the lift and turn around. The doors closed as he looked coldly at her.
    Enora walked up to the door and hit the intercom. “Vincent, can I come in?”
    The door opened and Vincent stood on the other side, fiddling with his flight suit.
    “Come here.” She said, entering the room and pushing him back. She grabbed on to one of the velcro straps and helped him slide it into place. “You’re nervous.”
    “I think scared, and I think you’re the only person I’d admit that to because I don’t even admit it to myself.”
    Enora looked up at him. “I do support you Vincent. I support any choice you make. I care very much for you.”
    “I know.” Vincent replied, taking her head into his hands and leaning forward.
    Their lips met. She put her arm over his shoulder as they moved toward the wall. In a thump they ran into it, their lips still locked together. Vincent pulled back for a moment to suck in a gasp of air. “I love you.” he said.
    “I love you too.” She pulled him back in, her hand pulling at the velcro she had just moments ago fastened into place. She pulled the flight suit off his shoulders and explored his body with her hands.
    They moved from the living room, rolling against the wall, losing pieces of clothing as they went until they reached the bedroom. “You sure you want to get into this now? I’ve only got about forty minutes before that briefing.”
    Enora smiled, pulling him closer, the sweat on their bodies mingled. “That’s more than enough time.”

The End

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