Failure To ProduceMature

“I should have your head on a platter!” Yelled the Counselor as he entered Dr. Strauss’ office. “What have you done to my project.”
    Dr. Strauss slowly turned to the enraged Counselor. “I heard his combat status was revoked. That’s simply because he doesn’t understand his abilities yet, in time they will be like instinct.”
    “We don’t have time Dr. Strauss, I need an effective soldier soon or this entire project will be left behind in the dust and if so your career will follow I promise you that.”
    “You can do no such thing Jeffery, your threats are lost on me.”
    “So you think Strauss, and how dare you call me by first name I am a Tribunal Counselor!”
    “You are a tool, just as I am, just as your precious guinea pig boy is. That is all we are and you of anyone should know this. Tools are used as they are needed and I can assure you Jeffery that I am much more needed than you are. The Tribunal can recruit and train as many Counselors as they wish, if you fall another will rise just as it happened on this ship recently. I however, am indispensable, therefore I would suggest that you reconsider your threats. Do not be mistaken. I have the power in this little relationship of ours. I make the threats. Now leave my lab or I’ll have security remove you, and trust me they can and will do just that.”
    The Counselor was red with rage, his tongue nearly exploding from his mouth followed by any and all profanities. Yet he held his tongue and abruptly turned around, immediately leaving the room.

The End

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