Playing GodMature

The world spun around him, he heard the scanning laser pass over his chest and make its way across the rest of his body. Other words were shared between the people looming near him, yet they were lost in his numbed mind. Soon all his senses went dark and for a short moment he was in a strange state of consciousness were all he could feel was his own presence in his mind. There he was, in existence but without any means of experiencing the world around him. This short moment felt like eternity. Suddenly he was scared, terrified at this fact. He wanted to cry out, lash out, be freed from this intangible prison. In this moment of complete frustration he felt something. It lurked in this abyss like an imprisoned beast. It was an awareness that just barely broke through the madness of his state. It was not smell, was not taste or touch or sound. It was not any of the senses he knew. This was something alien to him. Although it trickled through like a blurred vision it was not limited to a field of view. It surrounded him completely. Yet it was so weak, like the quivering grasp of a starving man, its intensity wavered between the urge and the feebleness. A few moments passed where he attempted to understand this sense, this feeling, but his consciousness was too dulled by the drugs running through his veins. Strangely, it seemed like he could almost feel the drugs, feel every molecule of it as it passed through his system. For a short time, he could feel each muscle in his body, every single individual strand. Every organ, vein and nerve was at his disposal, if only his mind could grasp it all. The moment had come, and now it passed. This strange sense was numbed drastically until it was completely gone, and once again he floated in darkness. Nothing but his diminished consciousness remained, and it was being eaten away every second until it too was completely gone, and so Vincent slept a dreamless artificial sleep.
    “Give me details people.” Said the doctor.
    One of the staff turned to Dr. Strauss “He definitely has some internal bleeding”.
    “Deal with it and let us move on to the more important task please.”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Now...” Gordon Strauss circled the operating table. “That was some impressive flying he did out there, but unfortunately scans are showing that none of his auxiliary brain functions were activated during the entire session. That was just good flying, not Ehud flying”.
    The door hissed open and the Counselor walked in, pale and visibly uncomfortable in the slightly higher gravity. “Doctor, how’s our patient doing?”
    “Ah, glad you could make it Counselor, he’s doing fine. We just finished sealing an internal wound and we’ll be going through with the procedure shortly. He continued to examine the monitors that hung from the ceiling on mechanical arms. “Luckily, we’ve had some breakthroughs in understanding how to isolate and manipulate conscious and unconscious brain functions. Now all we have to do is this short operation and he should be able to unconsciously use his auxiliary brain functions without having ultra-cognizance, which of course caused the failure of the three previous generations.”
    The counselor raised a hand in irritation, “You don’t have to remind me Doctor, I remember how long it took to find a new way to fabricate a past for these aberrations.”
    “You mean how long it took to fabricate a past that they wouldn’t unravel. Yet therein lay the problem. If you wanted their fascinating abilities to be available you couldn’t numb their mind too much, but if you didn’t numb their mind enough they would defect. Quite a paradox.”
    “Yes, and fortunately for us today, we’ve finally found a way around that.” The Counselor replied.
    The doctor raised an eyebrow, “Did we really? He won’t be as effective as the first generation was, he’ll only be able to use his abilities by accident, on impulse of instinct.”
    “It’s better than having a magnificently talented group of monsters that turn on you,  kill a whole ships population and commandeer one of the most technologically advanced warships at our disposal.” Quipped the Counselor.
    The doctor pondered for a moment, watching the surgeons as they did their work on the unconscious Vincent. “I can agree, that was over a decade ago. Yet I doubt. Even with these seeds, will we be able to truly fight the Ehud on equal ground?”
    The Counselor shook his head, “Of course we won’t, this is simply a secondary option. If we can’t eradicate them with biological weapons we’ll continue to focus on a way of building a better soldier.”
    Doctor Strauss’ eyes lit up. “Speaking of which, I saw the work done by Doctor Mayfield on the Unity project, impressive indeed.”
    The Counselor took a quick look around the room before he turned to the door. He stopped after walking through it and spun about. “One thing we’ve always been good at Doctor, is genocide.”

The End

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