The Captain and the CounselorMature

The communications officer to the right of the captain grunted in pain and ripped the headset off his head. The captain turned to him. “What’s wrong Adderly?”
    “I’m not sure sir, I got a hail from the scraper and when I let it through it was just loud static.”
    The captain turned to another officer on the bridge. “Lieutenant Sutler, What’s that scouts status?”
    “I can’t tell, the signal is not coming in properly.”
    “What do you mean? Elaborate.”
    “There’s some kind of interference, wait...” The officer looked on in confusion for a moment. “It might be a sensor ghost sir, but it looks like they’re performing evasive maneuvers.” She stated in a tone of perplexity.
    Adderly turned about as quickly as he could. “Sir I’m picking up a status pod, the reading is coming in now.”
    The captains eyes snapped to the view screen before him. “Holy shit” he stated in a slow whisper.  He quickly hit a few keys on the armrest keypad and opened a general communications channel. “All hands battle alert.” He closed the channel and tightened his restraints. “Helmsman, increase to four g deceleration,”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Commander Schindler, deploy all your men including bombers.”
    “Yes sir.”
    The Counselor turned to the captain. “All of them Captain? What if they’re destroyed by the mines, what will protect the ship?”
    The captain turned to the Counselor, his eyes filled with rage.
    Suddenly all of the passengers of the bridge were pushed violently into their seats at four times the gravitational force of the earth.
    The captain spoke through his teeth as his muscles forced against the strain of the gravity, and he yelled for his voice to surpass that of the vibrating hull. “Major Holman, are your gunners ready?” He said, still staring directly at the Counselor who was struggling in his seat, an expression of distress on his face.
    Holman yelled back to the captain “Yes sir they are.”
    “Good.” He looked back to the front as they entered the field of mines. “ The fighter already made a small hole for us, how long before the outskirt mines catch up to us Alexus?”
    “We have about ten to fifteen minutes before the outskirt mines accelerate to our location.”
    The captain watched the view screen as they rushed through the tunnel, surrounded by danger only visible to the powerful scanners of the Zerachiel

The End

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