Into The VoidMature

Marcus tapped one of his monitors a few times. “Whoa!” he stated, typing into his keypad to double check what he was reading. “Ugh, Vince, the Zerachiel is moving away from us way too fast.”
    “What?” Vincent exclaimed, turning to one of his monitors to see for himself. “What the hell?” He quickly turned to another monitor, “Ah shit, the automated system didn’t initiate synchronization.” Vincent activated the communications system and started. “Unit four to command, we have a-”
    “Vince, something’s wrong with the transmission”
    “What now?”
    Marcus frowned and cocked his head to the side in contemplation “ I think something’s jamming us.”
    “Alright, now I’m upset. What’s the Zerachiel’s acceleration.”
    Marcus typed, paused for a moment and then spoke. “They’re decelerating at a bit higher than one g, looks like they’re at...” a few more keystrokes poured from his fingers. “... one point five, sorry about the delay, we’re definitely in some kind of jamming field.”
    Vincent quickly shot his head to the right, a nearly imperceptible reflection caught his eye against the sparkling velvet before them. “Did you see that?”
    “See what?” Marcus replied looking about the cockpit.
    “Narrow your scan range.”
    “What did you -”
    “Just do it!”
    Suddenly a series of beeps rang out in their ears as the scan window populated with potential targets. “Jesus Christ that’s a lot of mines. Vince, what do you want to do?”
    Vincent began to tap in several different commands as he spoke“Those aren’t just mines they’re GAP Round mines left behind from the protectorate wars. If they activate they’ll start coming right for us. We don’t have enough time to get back to the ship, it’ll take a moment for the mines to reach our acceleration, but once they do we’re in trouble. Presuming we don’t hit one before then. Launch a comm pod and keep your -“
    “Vince...  look.”
    Vincent shot his head up and stared at the heads up display, the targets were turning red, telling them that they were armed and locked on to their vessel. “Ok, now I’m just pissed the fuck off, they’re not supposed to arm for another sixty to eighty thousand kilometers”
    “Vince, at our current speed that’s only in about five seconds anyway.”
    “I know that, just launch that fucking com pod and -”
    “Way ahead of you, locked and loaded, ready to go.”
    “Good, get comfy.”
    “Just fucking punch it.”
    Vincent typed in a few more commands and reclaimed primary systems to manual control. He grabbed hold of the controls firmly and pulled back on both sticks as a series of alarms began to ring and strobe lights painted the cockpit red and orange. The small fighter began firing, detonating the first of the mines that were a few thousand kilometers away. They were nearly invisible to the sensors except for when the warhead activated. The decompression of the mines detonating became visible to the human eye, for only a fraction of a second, in the form of a discrete flash of light. Vincent and Marcus zipped past the debris at a blurring six hundred million kilometers an hour. The mines in the field began activating and accelerating toward the fighter, as if the small ship had snagged the center of an intricate spider web that linked each mine with silk strands millions of kilometers in length.

The End

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