On The BridgeMature

The captain remained seated and restrained by the belts across his chest and shoulders, “Alright Major, where and when are we?”
    Alexus, who was unbuckled and wading to the navigation console in the micro gravity of the domed shape bridge, answered shortly. “ We’re currently moving at five hundred and forty nine million kilometers an hour. We’re at average dilation and drop out distance, we only punched about twenty thousand kilometers into the heliosphere, and it was a seven day jump, one hundred and sixty seven hours, twenty three minutes and five seconds to be exact.”
    “Seven?” the captain queried, “That’s not bad for a deployed jump, what’s the scraper have to say?”    An officer at a console on the left of the captain answered the question after a short pause. “Nothing yet sir, but we’re expecting resistance from inner system planets, E.T.A. 144 hours. The systems inner planets will most likely be the source, there are also reports of a few asteroid bases that may be used as MDU’s, which are blurring any estimates to the point of contact.
    “Alright, set a course for our rendevous coordinates, I want a fresh scraper every half hour, and keep them in teams of two units, I don’t want another Gernova on my hands.” The captain turned about as best he could to the navigation board. “Major, strap in”
    “Yes Sir.” Alexus replied as she maneuvered gracefully back to her seat and fastened her restraining belts.
    The captain turned back around and started, “Helmsman, turn us around and start deceleration at one point five g. Let’s get back on our feet.”
    “Would that be wise captain Norman?”
    The captain turned to the Counselor, “Why wouldn’t it be?”
    “I would suggest one gravity deceleration with periodic bursts of higher deceleration rather then a constant deceleration of one point five which is rather burdensome” said the Counselor.
    The captains gaze returned to the front, “You’re here to ensure the Tribunal has a presence on this vessel. The Tribunal however, gave me command of this vessel.” The captain looked at the counselor to his left, “They did not give you command of this vessel.”
    “Captain Norman, a constant deceleration of one point five is going to be very uncomfortable for the crew and-“
    “Counselor...” The captain stated firmly, cutting him off. “... the men and women of this crew are trained in high gravity and micro gravity circumstances and have been submitted to them often and will continue to be. I’m not concerned, nor am I interested with input about your personal comfort unless it is of the medical nature.” Roger Norman once again returned his sharp blue eyes to the front, “ I don’t know what kind of ship you were on last, but this is a combat vessel, and we deal in high G maneuvers on a daily basis. Now, Helmsman, don’t let anyone unbuckle until it’s clear that there are no threats in the immediate area.”
    “Aye-aye sir.”
    “Very well Captain Norman, I’ll be sure to add this to my report.” quipped the Counselor.
    The captain turned to the Counselor once again. “How long have you been with us Counselor? A week now? Our last Counselor made it through four months, that’s without counting warp dilation of course, and he seemed much brighter than yourself. I’m not sure what kind of training the Tribunal gives to Counselors but it obviously does not pertain to life aboard a carrier. If you want to stay alive, you should leave the business of running the ship to those who are properly trained and have experience in doing so.” The captain looked back toward the helmsman to his front. “And Unless you want to end up like our last Counselor, I’d have to advise you to strap in and stay put during a combat situation. Now, Major, are the coordinates mapped?”
    “Yes sir they are.”
    “Helmsman, take us away.”
    “Yes sir.”

The End

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