Vincent tightened his grip on the controls while Marcus in the gunner seat before him grunted as they were both thrown about in their restraints. The shudder of turbulence caused by their drop out of warp was considerable.
    “Ugh, I knew this one would be rough.” Marcus stated, as he punched commands into the screen before him, anticipating Vincent’s order.
    “Status” Vincent barked, his arms tense, holding firmly on the controls as he fought the subsiding turbulence.
    Marcus continued through the diagnostic results. “Green across the board, but there’s a small discrepancy in the particle flux, looks like the same bum node as last week.”
    “ Dammit, I guess Tesla didn’t make much of an effort to realign it. Don’t worry about it, keep your eyes peeled for trouble.”
    The tone of the communication system rang through their ears as the Squadron Leader took her turn to follow procedure. *Unit Four, status report.* she said, over the radio as her image came up on the communications view screen, her head bouncing around in her helmet as the turbulence continued.
    “Green all the way across the board Major.”  
    * Don’t lie to me Lieutenant, I’m reading a vibration in your particle flux.*
    “It’s most likely just a misaligned node like last week.”
    * I don’t care Exile, that’s considered an abnormality and you’re required to report it. Don’t make me scan you every time.*
    “Yes Ma’am, I’ll make sure to mention any discrepancies in the future.”
    * I expect as much, but you just won your ticket to scrape.*
    Marcus dropped his head in disappointment, knocking his helmet on the keypad. Vincent reached over and slapped him on the back of the head. “Ugh,” Marcus lamented, turning around to his pilot as best he could in the confined space of the cockpit.   
    *What’s the ruckus Exile?*
    Vincent sat up in his seat. “Nothing Ma’am, we’ll scrape, what’s our range?”
    *Command wants a six thousand kilometer sweep for half an hour, don’t exceed four g acceleration. Unit two will join you in twenty minutes.*
    “You take out all the fun Major, but we’ll see you in half an hour.”
Vincent pulled a monitor toward him, opened a region scan, entered three forward coordinates, sent them to Command and then entered 3.99 g into the acceleration command line on his view screen. He leaned over and slapped Marcus in the back of the helmet for the second time. “Get comfortable.”
    Marcus lay back as best he could against the seat and gave Vincent a thumbs up. “Punch it.”
    Vincent hit the “engage” button firmly. The engines hum became a roar as hydrogen began fusing in the gravitational nozzles of the spacecraft and both occupants of the vessel were firmly pushed to the back of their seats at nearly four times earths gravitational pull.
    Marcus hit a few commands that opened a wider scan range as they continued on their coordinates. “Think we’re going to run into anything?”
    “I sure as hell hope not.” Said Vincent, maintaining the ships vector as best as he could while the fusion of hydrogen into nitrogen was being used as propellant just a few meters behind him.

The End

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