Mindy (Title Pending)

I had this new dream, and I remembered so much of it, I just couldn't sum it up, so now it's a story.

The old woman sat down, the chair making a creak. The young girl across the table held a rose the color of her ruby lips, her bright and fancy dress framed by long blonde hair that tumbled down past her shoulders. At the head of the table sat a hooded woman. Her power emanated from her in a cold aura. 

"I want to know why I was called here without so much as a moments notice," mused the girl, twirling the rose between her fingers, her tone bored and agitated. The hooded woman leaned forward, intertwining her wrinkled fingers and set them on the table. 

"Insolent girl," she muttered, louder she said, "I believe our third guest here is responsible for this meeting." The old woman picked at a loose string on her shawl. 

"I found a Gateway leading to another world."


Mindy wiped her sweaty hands on her jeans. After weeding in the rose garden in her front yard, it was starting to get too hot to continue. She patted her forehead with her sleeve. Her mom called out to her to go get a drigank of water. 

"I will," she yelled back. Mindy took her gloves off and proudly stood before her weed-free creation. Pink, red and white roses seemed to smile at her. The sticky sweat in her honey colored hair felt gross, but a good kind of gross. The heat was stifling, but the sky was clear and she felt satisfied. She turned away, but something reflected light and caught her eye.

Mindy squinted at where she thought the light came from. It's small flash slightly blinded her again. 

It was in the dirt, next to one of her rose bushes. 


"Gateway?" the girl leaned forward, interested. The old woman nodded sagely. 

"Are you sure it's a Gateway to another world Medusa?" the hooded woman stood slowly and paced back and forth, her hand to her chin in deep thought. Medusa stood as well, placing her weight on the table. 

"Completely sure. I saw an eye color I've never seen before," the girl looked at her skeptically, "And yes Sabine, I'm sure it was an eye." 

"What color was it?" the hooded woman halted in her pacing. 



Mindy knelt down and gently dug at the shiny object. She didn't know why she felt so excited, but eventually, she found a small hole, about the size of a quarter. 

"This is so weird," she whispered, poking at it. Probably isn't the best idea, to poke something unknown. Mindy readjusted herself to lay on her stomach, resting herself on her elbows to get a better look at the strange hole.

Tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear, she looked down the hole as far as she could. 


"Brown?" Sabine clicked her tongue in disbelief, "Please, now you're being senile." Medusa tapped her fingers on the table in agitation. She turned to the hooded woman.

"Adele, I swear that I am not making this up, I saw a brown eye peering at me," Adele leaned her elbows on the back of her chair.

"You can't seriously think that someone could have brown eyes?" Sabine looked back down at her rose, "Right?" 

The End

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