Prologue: International Logic

The Ul’Denore, an only barely extant race, have lived in the Arcle Galaxy for an immeasurable amount of time. A parasitical, race the Ul’Denore have, through the millennia, always fed on the brain waves (‘Er-seizemic’ waves is their political name) produced by telepathic races in order to survive. Unfortunately, the telepathic races on which the Ul’Denore used to live died out. Further, the Arcle Galaxy collapsed under the strain of an unnaturally powerful black hole phenomenon. Without food or shelter this originally incorporeal race took on the form of asteroids in order to search the universe for telepathic species whose brainwaves could sustain them. Unfortunately, they could not find any and began to lose hope when they stumbled upon the Milky Way Galaxy.   

“Ricka…” Gorhan suspired, attempting to gain the attention of his brother; they were the last two surviving Ul’Denore.

“Yes, Gorhan. What is it?” Ricka replied.

“We are coming up upon an unknown galaxy.”

“Yes, I sense it also. Do you recognize any species that could be of use to us?”

“Only one; they call themselves ‘humans’. They are not telepathic, unfortunately.”

“But their minds are weak enough to be manipulated, yet just strong enough to be made to produce Er-seizemic waves.”

“That might kill them. Further, it has always been against our principles to manipulate other species for our benefit.”

“We will die soon, and our principles will then die with us. If we sacrifice our principles for our lives now, we may resurrect our principles later. It is for the greater good; this race has everything they need to survive- now it is our turn to survive. We will not be eradicating their whole race; we will probably only be inconveniencing a few of them to save ours.”

“Your logic is rational, Ricka; but what if they do not like our interfering with them?”

“We are Ul’Denore, Gorhan, and they are human. We are greater; they are less.” 

The End

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