The ship glided through the void, as we sat, propelled in mid-air unaware of what was to come next.  It was scary to be out there, actually.  I had thought about all the times I had wished I had stayed home.  But as the message had come in from the collective as clear as ever - that all good admirals had to maintain their duty, for the peace of the universe, I realized I had no choice.  As soon as I started wondering about all the lost troops in an unknown land dubbed “Kirshim”, thoughts pulled my mind away.  As with other things.

Scanning what looked to be the void, I activated the ultraviolet beam lasers.  A bright wave of colours flooded the asteroids, which the auto-pilot system mercilessly evaded.  Never anything interesting.

From time to time, I would think about the collective.  But as I got closer and closer to the border, I began to realize my thoughts were wondering off less frequently.  The way the collective worked was common knowledge; however, just how far its signals reached was unknown outside the universe.  Some of us had suspicions about Karina’s range.  At all times, troops were being surveyed.  We knew Karina was watching, so all of us never went outside the universe.  We all wondered about why it was forbidden to leave the galaxy, but we could only ever do so for a couple milliseconds.

That was, until I saw something riveting.

All of us were shocked.  This time, shining the UV light, we didn’t find asteroids, rocks… nothing of that nature.  The mere fact was, we weren’t able to identify it at all.  It had what appeared to be the form of a vision metering system: dark, grey electric Radeon, fibre tubes glaring with a slimy substance, and electrical charges read off the charts.  I stopped the vessel, communicating to the others to stay put.  “Engage your suits,” I instructed them.  The others disengaged their thrusters suspending them in the air, and engaged their suits.  One of them opened the door, and we exited the vessel.  As we moved towards the object, our electrical charge readings grew.  I turned on our electricity deflectors to avoid our risk, and took over piloting the other’s suits.  The closer we got, the more clear it became: we weren’t supposed to find this.  But more and more, our curiosity was enticed.  Karina must have been encouraging us to check more, out of potential for a threat to our galaxy, and as we increased our thrusters’ speed, we started to feel nocuous.  When we finally got there, engaging our thrusters on max, we moved our hands up to pull it towards us, scared to touch it.  To our surprise, the object complied, gliding towards our embedded devices.

Once we brought it back to the vessel, things got weird.  As soon as we restarted the air systems, the tubes and slime dissipated to reveal a metal-like crystalized polygon.  Approaching it slowly, as its electrical levels increased even more… and more… until a flash so bright blinded my mind.

The next thing I remember is waking up, feeling like never before.  My mind raced, but at the same time, it was throbbing.  The ship’s lights were fading in and out, likely due to a system malfunction.  Then I noticed something was missing: Karina!  I knocked aside an air device, as I attempted to enable my suit.  Nothing.  As the world spun, I tried communicating with the others.  Nothing.

Then she finds the planet of the prophets, the older civilization of humans which converts her, and she becomes a rebel.  In the process, she kills a troop member who raises a potential threat and is possibly still being controlled by Karina due to a newer system (older implanted electrodes of last century were not defective).  In the story, you can decide whether to take the risk of letting the questionable troop member come with you, but ultimately, she turns out to be controlled by Karina.

On the planet, Coronni meets some of the people of the planet and discovers they have technology similar to the Dyshtas, and that they may be able to disengage the electrode.  After executing her questionable troop member, she leaves the body for dissection by a member of their galaxy, and heads back to her own Galaxy.

In her galaxy, she fights back against Karina, meeting Clide, Hiddiu, Sibreo, and the others.

The End

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