In a dystopian future, six stories emerge from fighting universes, to reveal a shocking recollection of the past. Communication is achieved through a giant wireless network, extending beyond each universe, allowing minds to upload, download, and share thoughts. Each story uncovers shocking parts of an unknown age, preceding the Age of Leo, as each of the six heroes fight to fix the 'destiny' of the current age. See http://dram205-7078.onmodulus.net

By the time you read this, the worlds may have burned to a crisp.  Things have been fragile here in our worlds.  Civilization is now at the cusp of extinction.  This isn’t a zombie story.  No; it’s more of an “I’m in more trouble than you are” story.

The war begin in 2135.  Lighting spheres lit the skies, which were operated by ionized transistors.  Half the people’s population was heavily dispersed amongst other planets, Mars being one of them, which was colonized in 2094.  At this point, civilization thrived.  Human life had been extended by over 230 years, and what we call ourselves could just maybe be called people.

But we were still human.

My story begins where yours ends.  You see, us so-called “humans” have been around for millennia.  What used to be taught in what I was told was called school was that we have been around no more than 4 million years.  Before that came micro-species, other micro-organisms, which were later documented by mankind.

It was all lies.

The truth is not that simple.  It’s likely that this process which has been governing our multiverse in all observable dimensions has repeated itself multiple times since The Conflict.  Even before the age of Leo, humans existed; in fact, they existed in a more sophisticated form… even more sophisticated than us.  But what’s most fascinating is that humans still fought.  They still fought over land, matter, items they thought valuable.  The genus I speak about is now known as the Dyshtas.  Only recently, our collective discovered remnants of their kind.  Some of our greatest minds have attempted to solve the puzzles of their ancestry, but this has led to inconclusive evidence.  What has been discovered, however, is that the genus, like us in our earlier forms, competed against its own kind.  Recent studies have posited that they fought each other with such contempt that they brought Armageddon on themselves, in all worlds in which they lived.

It appears this process is about to repeat itself all over again.  Just as our records posit the Dyshtas killed each other, we are about to do the same.



TinBu leader of the elite commander squad, mother of two religious TinBu leaders


Officer of financial affairs in the district of Yiqhea on Mars


Young mercenary responsible for the execution of dominating religious leaders


Collective policy agent in foreign affairs for known colonized planets in the Collective


Young woman civilian, raising three orphaned children.  Works as a Reinforcer on the side.


Mina’s youngest, orphaned brother.  (has secret roles too)


The End

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