Mindful Sanitarium: Chapter 4Mature

        Clio had just entered the Mary Baker Flouriest down the street from the Starbucks she had just departed from, it just so happened to be her place of work. She’d find herself in the store from time to time even If not working, she found it to be a nice place to just relax and spend some time with herself.

Hi Clio!” A voice came from the back of the shop, behind a counter. She glanced over at the scrawny man with blond shaggy hair which was slightly covered by a weaved hat. He had on a t-shirt four sizes too small for his frame, with skinny jeans and converse shoes, entirely outdated for his time.

         Clio hung her coat up on the rack next to the door and made her way down to the counter, where she'd lean over with a sigh.

Something wrong honey” the man asked.

I met a guy today.”

He better be cute, the last one was a total bust”

Yeah, he is. It's the strangest thing”

What is dear?”

How we met, on the street, out of no where. He just showed up and we hit it off”

That's usually how it works sweetheart. Unless you stalk someone”

I realize that, I just got a weird feeling about the whole situation..”


I'm not sure” she continued, “ like Deja vu or something, but more real, like I actually did all of that before”

        The man stared at her for a minute because what he thought was her going crazy off one too many espressos, he responded carefully, “Dear, what are you talking about” Clio gently shook her head and rubbed her face as if trying to get rid of this feeling, “I don't know”

        They both slowly continued with their work, setting up the shop for the day before customers started arriving, even though people weren’t too interested in buying flowers anymore.


The End

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