It was one of those days you wished you hadn’t stepped out of your house. Those days you wished you just sat in the comfort of your living room, lounging on that favorite chair in the corner drinking the coldest beer in the refrigerator, watching the Jerry Springer…no!…hmmm…Simpson’s?, Oprah?....whatever, it didn’t matter, cause you would be watching TV anyway. There is definitely nothing as interesting as TV, the sound of it, the sight of it, the call of its name spells nothing but fun, excitement, trill, knowledge…knowledge?…well; for someone who just wants to spend the rest of the day in front of TV lazing around, the last thing I want to be reminded is the fact that the TV might be passing me some education of sort. I just want to laugh, giggle at every joke, comic relief; wail to every intrigue, frail and gawk at the tinniest bit of action, stunt, and the numerous television lies. Education! (Scoff) even the softest use of a word like information might ruin the little vacation. It was just a day I wanted to have fun sitting at home, but…
…Everything this day was wrong; the streets were flooded with the rain from the previous night, the entire metropolis seemed to be stuck in some kind of bizarre catastrophic traffic…yeah…its all about it, the traffic…the worse day of my life it seemed. Cars stuck in muddy streets, over flooded drainage, over heating engines, total traffic jam, the sun scorching and biting like you could almost see its jaws…it had to be the worse day.
I was sweating profusely behind the wheels of my sea blue 1986 Mercedes Benz 300. Classic Right? Not by a long shot! The climate control was broken and I was trying to find my way hurriedly out of the traffic to avoid another engine over heating! Pulling over again in the traffic for the engine to cool of would be the third “pit stop”…I wished… of the day. I was obviously frustrated and stressed out, but there was nothing I could really transfer aggression on. Everyone at the moment seemed to have had enough. A…pretty…well I wasn’t exactly sure anymore, cause she was now drenched in mud, yelling at a commercial bus driver from which she had tripped off his moving bus trying to catch it. The gray haired driver of a private car wailing over his car’s rear lights bashed out. A scared to death train of market women, trying to maneuver their way through the traffic from one side of the road to the other. To the fairly old lady that had her ram shackled car’s bonnet opened, staring at her over heated engine…over heated engine? I seemed to almost forget It was a matter of the next minute before I had my car on the service lane again...I was drenched in my own perspiration. The sun seemed to be directly on me.
My heart raced as the yelling of frustrated motorists, hawkers, bus conductors and horns blaring repeatedly ran through my head like a bad migraine from long years of working as a locomotive train coach man. I craved for a stick of cigarette; my supply was out.
I could hear my V6 engine valves making that terrible noise from the cylinders, you would only get if your engine got pretty hot and the engine oil was light from excessive heat…telling you it could go out anytime soon.
The engine spluttered a bit and I murmured a…wasn’t sure if it was a curse or a prayer, but am sure it had ‘God!’ somewhere in it. Was He mad at me at the moment? Yea God! It wasn’t a time to find out; I just wanted to get out of the traffic. I was sure he had his ears in better places if you ask me, so I didn’t bother. My eyes ran through several dozens of car stickers around me. “JESUS IS KING”; on a black Toyota Camry 2.6, the driver seemed to be smiling and enjoying whatever drama the day was bringing; everything seemed to work for him. “GOD IS GREATER THAN ANY PROBLEM I HAVE”; boldly on the hood of a half dead Mitsubishi gallant, the driver enjoying every bit of his cellular conversation; laughing on top of his voice!- in this chaos and confusion?! (Scoff) “I have a sticker too!” I thought. It stuck boldly and beautifully to my trunk saying “JESUS IS COMING, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!!”…see my point?
…Just then my engine spluttered again and came to an eventual stop in the middle of heavy traffic.

The End

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