...Then Fired...

“You’re gonna have to do better than that Williams.” Paul said.

The sight was unbelievable and yet frightening at the same time.

Williams was shaking as he still pointed his recently fired gun at the man. No! Simply calling him a ‘man’ wasn’t accurate. ‘Demon’ would suit him much better.

Paul Ion Fenix on the other hand stood perfectly still, while staring at the three bullets floating right in front of him. As if some invisible wall took the impacts.

“The mind is a very power thing, Mr. President. It creates thoughts that no other creature we know can comprehend and yet it is constricted. These thoughts can never truly leave the sanity of the mind. Though once you overcome this limitation then there is no longer such a constraint.”

The bullets then burst into flame and vanished as the ashes descended to the ground.

Frances then grabbed William’s pistol out of his hands and knocked him out with the handle of his own gun. The soldiers took over and carried the unconscious man away.

“Good job Frances,” Paul said in a prideful manner. “Our mission is Victorious. Now it is time to rebuild from these ashes and make a new nation.”

“I never had any doubt of your success, Sir. By the way where’s Harold?”

“He is still commanding the frontlines.”

“Shame. He missed the big moment.”

“Don’t worry; he can come to the ceremony where I will address my new nation of its new leader.”

The End

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