The famous doors burst opened in a cloud of blinding smoke. Before President Williams was able to register what happened, a gun was positioned right at his head. The cold firearm was pushing its way into his skull, waiting to release its trigger. He didn’t want to see who was on the other side of the weapon, just in case the wielder was slightly trigger happy. Though looking wouldn’t matter right now since visibility was limited by the smoke.

Once Williams was finally able see, a bunch of his own soldiers hustled their way in. They lined up on both sides of the room, as if they were making some sort of walkway. Then stood and waited for one last person to enter.

The man that came in the room appeared to be of Russian decent, though he seemed as if he was barely twenty. With his messy black hair, dark overcoat and a guilty smirk, he strolled to the front of the President’s desk.

“Alright Frances,” he said in an oddly non-Russian accent. “You can lower your guard; he is no threat to us now.”

The person that was embedding the gun in William’s head pulled back and stepped aside. He was now able to see that the person was a woman of remarkable beauty. Though that small detail wasn’t really important right now.

“Are you impressed at what I’ve done to the place?” the man said towards Williams.

“…You took over the nation’s capital!”

“Well it wasn’t that difficult, all I had to do was convinced your troops to join my side.”

Williams observed his soldiers and couldn’t help but sense something wrong with them; as if they were being manipulated.

“What are planning to do?”

“I’m glad you asked,” responded the man. “You see, I was born in the country of Georgia, but spent the majority of my life in the United States. While I was here I couldn’t help but see how primitive the society was here. I have seen rich businessmen ignore the desperate cries of the poor. Financial support being received to those that caused millions to suffer. Corporations stepping on the weak that cross their paths’. All while the government just looked the other way. Then it hit me, it was the government that was the problem, not society. And if the government had its faults then how could the rest of the country evolve. So one day I said to myself, ‘Hey this place is really going down the tube; maybe I could run the country and make it work wonders.’ Few months later I ended up here.”

“Who do you think you are? How naive must you be to think the system could be easily resolved by a complete take over? The government might have been a major factor to everything you have just stated, but we do this for the overall good. I wouldn’t be surprised if your actions will create more chaos than anyone could have possibly image. Just because the United States is taken over doesn’t mean other countries won’t catch on to your stunt. We have more allies than you think!”

“Well to answer your question my name is Paul Ion Fenix and if I didn’t know all that you had just said right now then I wouldn’t have come this far.”

Rage could only describe the feeling Williams had against this terrorist. He couldn’t sit around and watch this man snatch away more than what he already had lost.

The President quickly reached in his jacket and pulled out a gun of his own…then fired…

The End

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