Mind over Matter

The United States has been taken over by one man.
Paul Ion Fenix.
This task could not have been easily achieved, but there's something about Paul that makes him...
As if his mind rested within an entire different spectrum, that shatters the gap of reality.

President Williams could only helplessly watch in the Oval office as his once governed land crumble before him. 

Panicking citizens had crowded the streets of the nation’s capital a few hours earlier, but now the numbers have dwindled to none. It was now getting late and the dying sun was setting in the west. Williams realized that this will be the last day the United States be known as the free nation of the world. Come this tomorrow the sun will set upon the west of a nation deprived of the liberty that it was once founded on.

The sounds of fighter jets ruptured from above, while the clinks of tanks tore the streets outside. He could now see his own military soldiers stroll by his window. Unfortunately they weren't coming to his rescue; they were coming to commit a coup de ta. He was bewildered as to how such a horrific event could have happen, but there was nothing that could be done now. 

Gun shot went off within the building.

They were getting close.

The President pulled the drawer out from his desk and smoothly transitioned an object into his jacket.   

Williams took one last look around his office. He noted the Purple Heart he received after the Vietnam War. The painting of the noble first President, George Washington. The bust of the famous Abraham Lincoln. Then of course took one last glance at the flag…

…When he was younger he never imaged that someday he would become President…

…then again, he never thought he would witness the fall of his country …


More gun shots went off; followed by the sound of his bodyguards thumping to the floor right outside his office.

"Well this is it." Williams whispered to himself.


The End

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