Part 2Mature

'Hey!' Blanky laughed somewhat uneasily. 'What are you trying...?

'Such actions need to be punished after all.' Birkin looked over to the monster in the tank. 'Isn't that right, Mr Hunter? See, even he agrees!' he chuckled evilly, which sent a shiver down her spine.

'What what what what?' All at once she was thrown into confusion. Why was he suddenly behaving like this?

'So, how should we settle this?' He advanced on her a little, still keeping the door blocked

'Hey come on now, I dont want....' she tried pleading with him.

'Don't want what? You should have thought of that before you did it!' He gave her a sinister grin.

'Its our secret.'

'Oh no, don't think you can make excuses now.' Her knees had gone weak and she started slipping on the floor.

Birkin snatched hold of her clothing and lifted her towards him.

'There's only one way to settle this.' She just knew it. He was going to kill her there and then, 'silence her' as it were. Perhaps use her as sustenance for the monster. She had been quick to let her guard down,as always. Poor, sweet, trusting Blanky.

'Am I right?' he continued, looking up at 'Mr Hunter' again.

The petrified officer had her eyes fimly shut, not daring to look him in the eye.

'He says that you've been very bad,' Birkin shook his head reproachfully.

Meanwhile, in a cave in Zakynthos (Ionia's world, where they had done it for the very first time), Turbo and his lady were getting intimate. He had begun to take off his lady's armour while she just lay there, letting him do pretty much whatever he wanted. Turbo had improved somewhat since the last time and had become a bit of an expert in removing her armour, if he did say so himself. 

'Thuch beautiful hair, gorgeouth,' the enamoured racer sighed, stroking her beautiful blue hair, causing her to snicker and wriggle.'You bring out the behth in me babe.'

'Uh-huh... Messy hair,' she giggled, patting the side of his face. Turbo took her hands and dug them into his hair.

'Eeehee messyyyy!' Ionia laughed like an excited child, who'd found the perfect play thing.

Blanky made one final attempt to appease him. 'Whatever it is I've done, I'm....' He gave her no chance to explain as he leaned forwards and silenced her with a very rough kiss. As soon as he locked his lips into hers, her doubts and fears began to slowly melt away. She kissed back, her arms relaxing, her body temperature rising,

'You can't just pin me to the wall like that and not expect retaliation, Miss Wood.' Birkin tutted slowly, pulling away.

'So thats it, huh.' She felt embarrassed for having flaked out again in font of him. 'Now look what you've done. You've made me all sweaty and sticky,' she grumbled, combing her hair back which had fallen in her face. Her hair did look a mess.

'A few moments in here should cool you off,' he said. 'You won't be needing this then, will you?' he snatched her top from her.

'Uhhh...yeah? I...I guess not...' she grinned dumbly.

Turbo took one of Ionia's finger and put it in his mouth, sucking on it like a candy cane. 'Hmmm, thweet fingerth,' he mumbled, sighing.

'Woo-woo-oooh!That f-feels funnnnnyyy!' Ionia couldnt help herself and started to giggle from the tingly feeling.

He gave her a sly grin, revelling in the fact she enjoyed it.

Birkin tossed the top to one side and it landed in a heap on a console.

'What's the matter? Did I scare you?' He laughed.

'No. Why would you think so? Nothing's wrong,' she insisted.

He traced a finger up her arm, which made her tremble. 'No reason. Perhaps I should rename you Sweaty Wood.' He looked over at 'Mr Hunter'. 'Oh, what was that? Yes. I think she was scared too. Scared of little, old me.' He pouted playfully.

'Meanie,' she frowned.

'No, meanie would be if I locked you in here with him.' he chuckled darkly.

She reached over and placed her hands on his chest. 'You'd better not.'

'And what if I did?'

'It could be bad for the twins. Bringing stress on them. So in the name of our babies, play nice.' She grinned defiantly.

'Fine, fine'. He sulked a little. He knew she was right. 'I suppose one shock in a day is enough. I just won't tell you about the other sealed room...'

'I knew youd come around.' She got up and walked to the door. She guessed what he'd wanted to do next. She shuddered when she thought about: them making love amidst the danger. She couldnt think of a bigger turn on and already was feeling some sticky dampness in the seat of her pants. She wanted nothing more than to be unbuttoning his shirt, caressing his warm chest with fingers and lips, but decided to tease him a little like hed teased her.

Birkin sighed and reached for the release button.'It's the big red one.'

However, Blanky had no intention of leaving.

'Well, are you going then? Its freezing in here,' he wondered.

'Sorry to disappoint you...'

He gave her a confused look.

'But I think ill stay in here. Its grown on me.' She wasn't falling for it. He'd let her leave just so he could chase her.

'See Mr Hunter, she likes you after all,' he looked up at the monster triumphantly.

'On second thoughts....' she said, seeing her chance to escape.

"Wh... What?"she gave him no chance to react as she ran out at top speed. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell on her back.

Birkin gave chase, but ended up tripping over her.

'AUGHER!' He yelled, landing nose first into the wall.

'Fffff-uuuuuck! That hurts!' He got up, bleeding all down his shirt. 'You are a menace!'

'Oh my, did mr Baddie just hurt himself?' She said sarcastically.

'Too right I did.' He dabbed at his nose with his hand getting blood all over him. 'I do NOT recommend introducing walls to noses.'

'Yuck....use a hanky, youre getting blood all over you,' Blanky said, dabbing his nose with a clean hanky. 'Now, let me take a look.'

'No don't! You'll get it on you!' He cried.

'Relax,' she said, rolling her eyes. 'I'm used to it. But I fear that has to come off.'



'No, no, no. You leave my nose alone! What did it ever do to you!?'

Blanky reached forward and unbuttoned his shirt.

'... Oh.' He could finally calm down.

Now it was her turn to laugh, having made him sweat. She grinned evilly,  her revenge complete. She threw his shirt to one side, then cleaned his nose and kissed it tenderly.

'I should... Probably soak that before it stains...Remind me to never chase you again,' he sniffed.

'You sure about that?' She asked, moving from his nose to his lips.

'I always end up injured,' he frowned. 'Maybe next time you... You might make me fall on something... Yeah! And I'll mutate again! And eat you up!' he said, digging his fingers into her sides.

' do that,' she said, as if he'd said something very ordinary. Birkin just stared at her.

At that moment, Turbo delved into his pocket and pulled out some candy canes and candy dust hed had for ages. He. He wanted to make their kiss extra pleasurable, so he put of the dust on his finger and lovingly caressed his lady's lips and neck with it, getting her all sticky in the process. Ionia licked her lips. 'Mmm! Ooh, what's this?' She said, her eyes flaring excitedly.

'Ihth candy dutht, your favorite.'

She grinned and licked her lips slowly to tease him. 'Ahhh. Yum.

'Ooh, teathe me more, baby!' Turbo revelled in her action, getting aroused even more than he already was.

'You'd like that, wouldn't you? You are surprisingly bad for a supposed hero.' She stuck out her tongue.

'But im bad, baby, bad to the bone,' he grinned deviously. 

'What if the gamers found out?' She said teasngly, licking her lips. He felt he couldnt resist another second. Any moment now, and he would...

'Gamerth? I aint afraid of no gamerth.' He declared bravely, looking into her eyes determined. And with that, he grabbed hold of her neck suddenly and kissed her long and hard on the lips, licking off the dust. 

The beautiful bot yelped but didn't resist, enjoying the sensation she was getting.

Meanwhile, Blanky and Birkin were still on the lab floor, with nothing better to do than to participate in a staring contest. There was some tension between the two.

'What now?' Blanky wondered.

'What now? I'll tell you what now. I think you ought to shut up and kiss me again so I can seek revenge on your actions.'

'Whatever you say,' she shrugged. Nothing sweeter than that, she grinned to herself as she pushed her lips against his gently, igniting a passionate kiss which very nearly caused their lips to combust.

Birkin picked her up gently and spun round so she was against the wall this time, causing his lover to let out a few soft moans from the sweetness of it.

'Revenge is mine!' he announced gleefully. He leaned down to her neck and gently kissed it. She relaxed in his arms. Her whole body throbbed and tingled hard and she felt the flood gates opening again.

'Hm? Revenge?' She said after she had caught her breath.

'Indeed...' He kissed her neck again, 'Because it's my new mission...I'll match everything you do. Every kiss...'

'Yes?...'she managed to say, mid-moan. His kisses made her feel those pesky convulsions again and she went weak at the knees. She totally surrendered to the pleasure he was giving her. 

The End

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