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Blanky finds out some horrific truths about William's past.

Today William showed me something which rocked me to my core. The day had started off strange anyway: getting an unexpected visit from my ex, of all people. I didnt think id be seeing that joker anytime soon, so you can imagine my astonishment.  Seems he had been sent to back me up on the case, as he called it. Needless to say, William was none too pleased. He's also still pretty shaken up and on his toes since the attack; who can blame the poor guy?  But I digress. As it was, nothing could have prepared me for what he showed me.

Birkin threw the golf club in annoyance, which he had picked up  as his weapon of choice when they had encountered yet another intrusion, this time from a man from Blanky's past. Blanky was doing her best to pacify her chagrined lover.

'Calm yourself, Birkin,' Blanky implored, putting her hands on his shoulders.

Ionia picked up rhe golf club and swished it around golfer style, nearly wqcking Turbo in  the back of the head.

'Hey watch it!' Turbo screeched.

 'Yeah, well... I don't appreciate visitors,' Birkin grumbled. He looked at Ionia and Turbo, remembering that's what they were. 'A lot of them, anyway.'

'I understand, especially with the break in recently. But look on the bright side, we havent had any of Weskers people for a while now,' Blanky added.

Turbo realised Ionia was more interested in the golf club than him and he didnt like it. He smacked it out of her hand to get her attention. 'Aw, no fair,' Ionia protested.

'Thtop ignoring me, thweetfathe.Ith the golf club more interethting than me?' he challenged.

'What? No. Why?' She blinked.

'Good. Now, whatht wath that you thaid earlier? Thomething about letting me check out thomething?' He winked at her. Ionia seemed to perk up at this and she became her happy, carefree self once again.

'Guys... Please. That is disgusting. Control yourselves,' Birkin protested.

'Control what?' Ionia grinned, fluffing Turbo up from head to toe. She had no shame; it wasnt in her programming. 

'He'th right thweetfathe, wed better go elthewhere.' Turbo took her hand and lead her out into the sunshine. Birkin watched them in disgust. 'You two need locking up in separate rooms. Are you incapable of doing anything but... That!?"He sighed, shaking his head and resumed scribbling in his notepad.

Blanky couldnt help but giggle at the flustered scientist. 'Aww come on now! As long as its behind closed doors, theyre free to do it.'

'My lab doors may be closed, but I'm still in them!" He said in exasperation. 'And heaven forbid they create more Turbo babies!'

'Sure,' she agreed. 'But I dont think they intend to do it in the lab,' she indicated them leaving. Perhaps Zakynthos, or Sugar Rush, which they seemed to enjoy most of all. Blanky thought it was sweet.

'They better not. If I have any random stains on my upholstery I will personally lock them up! 'Those two are as bad as rabbits, ' Birkin went on.

'And youd know eh, bunny boy?' she teased, trying to lighten the mood a little. 

'Why isn't there a law against this? You know, like Surge Protectors in Game Central Station, only they enforce the mating of creepy motherfuckers?' He didnt usually swear in her presence,but having been rudely interrupted by a man from Blanky's  past and now Turbo and Ionia, he was more irritated than ever before. He had been oblivious to her comment, but now he clammed up, red faced. 'I'm sure I don't know what you mean...'

'Yeah. Right. ' She shook her head in mock disbelief and went back to tending to his plants. 'But I hear you. There should be a law on that, ' she said thoughtfully.

'It seems unnatural, that's all I'm saying. Those two are just... creepy!"

'Turbo maybe, but not Ionia. Shes sweet', Blanky said.

'But her face... It's so...' he tried mimicking it, contorting it in in many directions, but only succeeded in pulling a muscle.

'I find it sweet to be honest, they're so different. You ok?' she asked, suddenly realising what he was doing.

'Uhnnngghhh. See! Not natural. A face shouldn't be able to do that!' he groaned in desperation. 'Besides... I don't even think Turbo is all that into her anyway', he added, throwing off his lab coat.

' never know. People have weird ways of showing they care about someone,' Blanky replied. She went quiet and sat down on the floor to give him time to snap out of his mood and started some yoga exercises, relaxing her mind.

Birkin rolled up his sleeves. 'Oh? Well, he has a funny way of showing it. First he acts all grossed out by her, then he can't seem to stop... doing THAT with her.' He shook is head in outrage and started backing up his files. 'To me it just seems like his interest with her is a phase. He'll probably get bored and move on. Then where will she be?' he stopped, when he realised he was getting no response and went back to writing his to do list.

In his frustration, Birkin managed to stub his toe on the golf club which Turbo had so carelessly placed. 'Ooyah!'

Blanky meanwhile had become fully relaxed and had nearly gotten herself in a trance but his yell startled her. 'Everything alright? Can I help at all?'

'Who left this... golf club... Rgh!'

Blanky sighed. She was getting tired of his attitude and was afraid shed be affected by it. 'Give it here.' She put it back in its usual place, then got back to relaxing

Birkin watched her, his face deadpan. 'Hmph, well...' He went back to writing, the scribbling sound getting louder and louder. He had to vent his frustrations somehow.

This time, Blanky had managed to put herself in a trance. She came out of it after a while and was now wide awake and fully relaxed.

'Even a cop needs to relax sometime,' she explained. 'Musnt let this pressure get to me.'

Birkin was still scribbling like a maniac. Blanky came over and stood next to him, hopinh he'd calmed down a littke. 'What are you writing?'

'My to do list', he grumbled.

'So I see,' she glanced at it. 'Oh,' she uttered naughtily, seeing her name at the end. Birkin tried unsuccessfully to hide it, like a kid not wanting people to copy his test answers.

'I think you misread,' he said, playing it coy. 'It said... Blankets. Yeah. Blankets. I need more.' 

She smirked, deciding to play along. 'And speaking of blankets, I'm gonna need one. Or two, to be precise.'

Birkin tilted his head. 'Oh! Right.Well...I guess I should add them to my list.'

Blanky went over to her stuff and pulled out something, a teddy bear head attached to a child's blankie. Her teddy-blankie.

Birkin looked over and gave it a terrified look. Blanky held the teddy-blankie gently, going off into a reverie. 'Mr Ted. He was my teddy when I was a kid. One day, some of the other kids at school destroyed him. It was heart breaking but I managed to salvage what I could. Stitched him together with my baby blankie. He was never the same again, but at least I could keep him in place and never lose him.' She hugged the teddy to her heart.

Birkin scratched his head. 'Huh, how 'bout that...' He slowly reached for a drawer below his desk, hesitating before opening it.'I, er... I don't have much...' he said. He reached in and slowly took hold of something. 'You know, from the past,' he added.

He slowly took out a small, yellow rabbit plushie, all tattered and beaten up.'It was Sherry's,' he said quietly.

Blanky gasped. 'your little girl's plushie...'

'It's kinda silly, I know.'

Blanky had a little emotional tear. 'its beautiful. Was it her favourite toy?'

He ran his thumb over its face. 'Yeah. It was.' He turned to look at her a little awkwardly. 'I guess this will explain my... Ahem... Underwear choice,' he added.

'I uderstand. It's a sweet tribute,' she said with a small smile.

'I guess it makes me feel connected in some way,' he shrugged.

Blanky found it sweet that he could be emotional when it came to family. She put her hand on his, clasping it tenderly. She put his head on her lap and ran her fingers through his blonde hair. Birkin's mind was elsewhere as he stared at the rabbit. 'I wonder what she's doing now?' he wondered.

'You said shed disappeared, didnt you?' Blanky said suddenly, remembering what he'd told her on their first date.

'She's... Yeah. She did. She never got back in touch. I assume she's fine. But I heard she is trying to stop Umbrella.'

This was such a confusing, conflicting situation. 'If I could id get her back to you. Id use the everything in my power.' She wanted to help him, so much.

Birkin chuckled at that. 'She wouldn't want to.'

'Thats sad,' she said. Even though she wasnt really sure why, she couldn't help feeling it was all unjust. 

'Hey, well... I'm just paying my debt. I did some pretty bad stuff... It's what I deserve,' Birkin explained.

'You did some experiments which caused you to mutate and kill. That was beyond your control, not your fault. ive seen scientists, and youre different from them.' She scrunched up her face at the memory.

'You think so?' he said just then, raising his head up and looking her dead in the eyes. She didnt know the half of it.

'Yes I do. It may seem crazy given my history, but thats how I feel with you.' 

'And...' she added, half to herself. 'You cant always control who you fall in love with.' Birkin realised it was time she knew the truth about Dr.Birkin, the man she seemed to idealise so much. He stood up without saying a word and reached behind to his keyboard. He rattled away at the keyboard and there was a hiss from another room.

Birkin gestured for her to follow him. She obeyed, her weapon ready.

'Now...' he gestured to a room that he's never taken her to before. The windows were frosted, making it difficult to see outside.

He pressed a 3 digit code into the keypad and the doors hissed open, plumes of coolant mist billowing out. He gestured for her to enter. She stepped in, looked around, and uttered a cry of disbelief. 'Oh my.........' She covered her mouth, reeling in shock. Birkin walked in silently and slowly behind her.

The lab was bright white and cold. On display were specimens in tanks full of green liquid, some humanoid,  others a mixture of human and monster. One of the specimens was a large, green-skinned gorilla looking creature with piercing yellow eyes and large teeth and claws. It twitched in the tank. Or did she imagine it...?

' all my time as I cop, have I seen......' Blanky stared in horror and disbelief.

'So you see,' Birkin spoke at last. 'Your belief in me is... Unfounded.' Blanky thought about it and much to her horror, he was right. She felt she had been too quick to judge before getting to know him better. She was a cop who had seen horrors galore, but even they hadn't been enough to prepare her for this. As brave as she was, she felt herself going weak. A feeling of nausea slowly began to envelop her, like a sickly fog.

'This is what I have done. This is why I am paying for it. Are you still angry that Sherry wouldn't want anything to do with me? Or do you understand?' he asked, a grim expression on his face.

The whiteness of the lab hurt Blanky's eyes some and she shielded them.


Birkin lowly walked past her to the tank with the creature in. He placed a hand on the tank, running it up and down.

'Of course, it was not all me. Wesker too was part of it all.'

All she could do was stare, shaking her head in disbelief.

'I told you. This is what I did. These were my crimes. But you still seemed to see me differently.' He looked up at the creature in the tank. 'And how about now?'

Blanky wasn't listening to him. 'I think....I need some air.' As terrified as she was, she did her best to remain stoic. She desparately needed to get out and get some air before she suffocated.

'Its stuffy in here,' she said, even though it was was freezing. 

 'It's ice cold...' Birkin raised a brow.

'Well thats funny, because I just nearly boiled to death.'

Birkin patted the tank and shifted his weigh. He wasnt paying attention to her and he'd locked the door. The most she could do was take her top off.

Despite it all, Blanky realised she had to stay strong. She was a cop, someone who people relied on for help and protection.

Birkin gave her a serious look. 'And now... After seeing all this. What are you going to do?'

' you expect me to do?' she said at last.

'As an officer of the law, this is not something you should walk away from. And what of your superiors? They sent you to protect me. But to what end? To spy on me? To take my research? To secretly bring me down from the inside? What motives do they have?' he demanded.'Surely they would know of this!'

He loosened his tie and walked over to a small desk behind the tank. He was angry, and he had every right to be. They hadnt known each other all that long, and he had his doubts. What if she hadn't been sent to protect him, like she claimed to, but instead to spy on him and steal his reasearch? He had experienced this in the past. Blanky felt outraged at his accusation, but she could also understand him. She realised she felt the same way. What if he were to do something unspeakable to her, like the scientists at the labs. Her trust in him had been, like he'd said, unfounded. He had warned her, been honest about his past and who he was.

She wondered whether she should make a dash for freedom. The question however, was would he let her leave? She was technically at his mercy. He was a villain after all, who had killed someone In the past. She blamed herself for forgetting that and being blinded by her feelings for him. She covered her head with her hands and winced. He was firing all these questions at her, and she didnt have time to think. 'Well I cant forget something like this of course. But this is not what I was sent down here for! I was sent to protect someone- you! Not go after your secret experiments! ' She cried exasperated.

Birkin was busy at the desk as she talked. 'The question is...why?'

She ignored him.' And as much as it may kill me, I will keep your secret-till I die.' Even she didnt really understand why she had been sent to protect him, or what her superiors real motives were. But she knew one thing: she would protect him. As dangerous as this union was for her, after all, he could kill her right there and then if he was that suspicious of her. She would remain loyal to him and his research, even if it meant going against her morals.

'It's not like my work is secret! Everyone knows of what happened. Which is why I was shocked when you didn't believe me!' He slowly opened up a case.

'I wouldnt know, im from another place.' she blushed in embarassment. She should have done her homework and become a little bit aware about her lover's background before getting involved, to understand what she was getting herself into. 'But I am trying to get to the bottom of this. Why you are being targeted.'

She finally located the exit button and pushed it, making a bid for freedom. Her first thought was to run out of there as fast as she could. But she needed to calm down first. She sat with her back against the wall.

Birkin still had his back turned looking at an item he had picked up.

Blanky did some yogic breathing to calm her nerves which were on edge. She looked like a total wreck.

'There's a water cooler down the hall...' Birkin said nonchalantly, not even caring what she was doing. After a while he took the item and walked out of the room,locking it.

He stared at Blanky, who was calm now. 'Well...thanks...for sharing something so... major with me.' She was embarassed and angry at herself at having flaked out in front of him. She had been so brave up until then; or at least displayed a hard cover.

'I suppose you want to slap the cuffs on me now,' he said, his face deadpan. Part of her wanted to do just that, to avenge herself on all scientists for her past. She had every right to, especially as he'd scared her so much. She contemplated for a bit.'Nah,' she said after a while. 'As horrific as all that is, I will continue to protect you and keep this away from the authorities.' She also remembered, that however immoral his work might have been, like her, he too had suffered from being shot and his mutations- he too had suffered at the hands of a scientist, even if they had been his own. He looked away uncomfortably. 'And what of... Us?'

'What you mean?'

'I would understand you doing your duty, but I need to know if it has changed the way you think of me.'

'Oh!...'she suddenly burst out laughing.. 'Youre worried about that are you? Look, call me crazy, but I aint leaving you. Unless of course you want to leave me?' She also knew something else: no matter what he'd just exposed her to, she loved him. She would do all it took to protect him and keep the dream alive, even if it killed her. But she started having doubts about his feelings. Did he not wanted her anymore? Was showing her all this also a ploy to put her off and get her to leave him? Perhaps this was the wrong day for her ex's intrusion. Thanks a bunch, Frankie, she thought sourly.

Birkin was not expecting that and tripped over his own feet.

'What? No!'

She laughed at his face. 'Look, scientist or not, I do.....

'A scientist who has done the very things you hate,' he reminded her.

'I wont argue with you there. But, love is a crazy thing indeed. Its not scientific. Anyway...'

'Well, actually it is a combination of chemicals within the brain tah... I should stop talking, shouldn't I?'

She giggled at the flustered  scientist. It made him so cute.

'Indeed.' And with that, she pulled him towards her and pressed her lips against his. Birkin thuded back against the wall in shock. He was lost in thoughts about how the day had been weird and wondered if he made a mistake, then slapped himself mentally.

Blanky stopped the kiss pulling away. 'Anyway....nobody is perfect, ' she said on reflection, runnung a tongue over her luscious candy lips.

'Perfection is... such a strange term.' he stamered a little.

'Look...maybe being a lab rat myself has stewed my brain, leaving me with a flawed look on life, but. ...I know how I feel about you.'

Birkin was feeling very pinned right now and wondered whether or not he should have let his guard down. He'd had double crossings before, being shot at by the very people he worked for and was worried she would arrest him there and then.

'So, uh... Yeah. Are you sure you're OK? You seem flustered.'

'Its time I was strong, ' she decided. 'I cant let the past continue to torment me. I mean, how am I gonna do a good job of being a mother if I'm still so frail and traumatised?' She was right. She had to make a change and stop all this nonsense, especially when she was carrying his spawn in her body. She noticed him feeling pinned down.

'What?' She grinned in disbelief. 'Is Dr Birkin scared of me?

'Me? Scared?' He scoffed.

'Yeah. Right. Prove it,' she said provokingly.

'How dare you accuse me of such a thing.' He still had the item he took from the lab in his hand.

'Guilty until proven innocent,' she said sarcastically, giving him a wink.

'Oh, is that so?'

'Yup. Hey!' she suddenly noticed the thing in his hand.


'What is that in your hand?' she eyed it suspiciously.

 'It's...' he could see he'd get nowhere denying it. 'Fine...' he said, handing them over.

'Umbrella used to create medicines as a cover for their actual work,' he explained.

Blanky looked at them thoughtfully.

'Annette used to... Have nightmares and flashbacks...So, I developed a drug that helped suppress those memories.'

' dont suppose I could get something like this, do you? she said after a while,.

'I figured, you know...You might use them. If you trust me to give you them, of course.'

'I'd like to,' she said. It wouldnt hurt to give them a try. After all, shed been stuffed with pills in the past, a couple more wouldnt do any more harm, surely.

'Well, you can try them. Just see how you go. One a day for a week after the arcade closes.'

'They would help me to supress some memories,' she sad thoughtfully.

'It works by supressing certain codes,' he explained. She listened, nodding.'You obviously need them during game time, but after then you don't. I don't think it's fair to have the burden when you don't need it. If you take them after the arcade closes they will have worn off in time for opening the next day and so on.'

Blanky put them in her combat pants pocket, suddenly realising she'd taken her top off. She covered her mouth, red faced.

'Whetever is the matter?' Birkin grinned.

'I'm sorry, I forgot about that...I took my top off didnt I?'

'I suppose you should go back in and get it then.' He keyed in the code.

'Go ahead. Nothing in there bites,' he assured her. 'At least, not anymore.'

Blanky reached in gingerly and got it, wanting to get out as soon as possible, like a kid in a haunted house. Birkin blocked the door.

'Got it,' she said, turning to leave.

'Ah, well, that was very fast.'

'Huh?' She stared at Birkin, who had his hands on each side of the door.

'What? Did you honestly think I'd let you get away with it?'

The End

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