Mind Freak: Part 1

My first story! Hopefully it won't suck. I got the idea from Maximum Ride, so if you like that, you MIGHT like this. MIGHT. Don't expect J. K. Rowling, though. OK, enjoy the ride!

"Gwarsh sajak henter den!" Translation: Trouble.

When you're a 13-year old trying to escape from a giant green slime that wants you for breakfast, well, you're not going to have a good day. I'm Dante, by the way. I am a Mind Freak. I can read minds, and that's why everybody hates me. Am I confusing you? Let me start at the beginning.

13 years ago, in the year 2015, I was made. Not born, made. Yeah, apparently the A.A.I. (Association of Artificial Intelligence) figured out how DNA can be turned into artificial beings, although I don't consider myself "artificial". Anyways, it was a huge success with two differences from humans: one, they can read minds (Thus the name, Mind Freak). Two, they have NO feelings. Like, if you told them that everyone of Earth died, they wouldn't even blink. Since they had no feelings, they couldn't read everything a human thinks, and the A.A.I. were completionists. There was one exception: me.

I am the only one with true emotions, and after seven years of cold captivity, I escaped when it was a holiday for the guards. (Thank god to the person who thought up of Christmas) Now they want to chase me and learn how they can make other more improved Mind Freaks, and frankly, I don't want to be dissected like a frog in biology class.

I somehow managed to go into the upper part of the United States that used to be Canada, (Basically, the economy in Canada got very bad because of a virus that broke out, so they had to resort to becoming a part of America) and I now live in a small forest. Thankfully, I gotten a tent and an iPad 5, (I had to steal them. I feel sorry for the guys that owned them) so I just had to hunt for food. The iPad 5 was a very good alternative to school, even though it's outdated now. That's how I'm not dumb and dead right now.

Now, you might be asking, where does a blob monster fit into this? Well, I simply don't know. Maybe the A.A.I. created it, or it's just an unknown species. Either way, it wants to eat me.

My hazel eyes darted at the slobbery, gooey evergreen pile of... I don't know. I knew that I HAD to get out of the forest, and fast. Even if it did mean going into the city, I needed to focus on the here and now.

I smelled the worst smell I've every let my nose process. It reeked of garbage, dirty socks, and spoiled food, times a hundred and one. Seriously, if you ever encounter a slime, hold in your nose as long as you can.

It was getting ever closer, and I was getting ever tired. If I didn't think of something quick, I would die right then and there. Suddenly, I had a plan.

And then the slime ate me.

The End

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