Mind Dead

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I opened my eyes.

Thoughts rushed through my head, grating in my nerve system as if they were rusty, but flowing too fast to register, as if the floodgates of time had opened to free thought.

My brain was surprisingly crowded. Thoughts and questions. What colour is the ceiling? I recognised the colour. Just couldn't put a name to it. Needed to remember. What colours do I remember, at any rate? Lellow, red, groon...that's it. So which is the ceiling? Oh, please, help me remember! Who am I pleading to, though? Whoever Who is, Who, help me! Can't recall. What's wrong with me? Where am I? And what is that breathing sound? I stopped to listen. Intake of breath, outtake of breath, in, out, inhale, exhale, in, out.

I tried to sit up, but I had to lie down again. When the stars had melted into the background I tried again. I sat up, and looked around me. I was in a big white airy room, white, that's it, in a big white bed. A large wooden wardrobe faced my feet, and there was a dresser of the same set under a big window on my right, the window hidden by some big white cloth curtains. I didn't recognise any of it.

I tested my neck, rolling my head about, this way and that way, left, right, up, down, tilting it every which way. Then I caught sight of his face.

He was beside me in the bed, to all intents and purposes asleep. He was dark-haired, not the handsomest person in the universe, was my first thought, although he was certainly not ugly. He had a nice face, gentle and unassuming, so childlike in his sleep, and I fell in love with him at once.

I recognised him, though. Somehow. Well, surely I must. But I didn't seem to recognise much. And he was different from the last time. It fell as if a love for him had awakened unconsciously. And old love, renewed. At least it felt natural to be beside him in a bed, which is difficult to explain. It was quite intriguing, and I wondered where I'd seen him before.

As I pondered his eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes, dark and friendly, and as they focussed on me I felt a thrill run through my veins.

The End

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