Mind Boggling

          It was a cold and windy winter night. Michelle and Jordan Martin were in the hospital, gazing at their little girl Taylor, who had suddenly come down with a fever of 102. She sat in Michelle's arms, gazing up at the two of them with her big brown eyes. She had fair skin and light brown hair that was perfect. The moment Michelle and Jordan saw her, they knew she was different. She didn't cry or scream when she wanted anything or when she was tired. She was a very well-behaved baby.
          All of a sudden, while they were sitting down waiting for the doctor, the lights went out. Although it is pitch black, the baby doesn't make a sound. Everything is still when suddenly, the door to their room flies open and smashes against the wall, sending metal trays and tools careening to the floor in a loud clatter. No one, not even the baby moves or makes a sound. All you can hear is the little puffs of breath coming from Michelle. There was a soft sound, like the sound a piece of paper makes as it floats to the floor, and at the wondow, there was a large, dark figure opening it. The figure jumped up onto the window sill and turned around, as if it had forgotten something, but thinking again, it turned around and dived out the window and onto the ground below.
          Since there is no moon out that night, there is no moonlight to guide Michelle or Jordan around to find a flashlight, candle, or anything that could possibly help them see again. They sat in silence for a little bit, letting their nerves calm down.
          All of a sudden, Michelle shreiked, "Taylor! Where's Taylor? I can't find her!"
          Her and Jordan grope around in the dark, trying to find their missing daughter, but to no avail. Jordan eventually gets up and pulls Michelle onto a chair in the room and tries to calm her down.
          "There is no use in panicking now," he said. "We can't see anything, and we need more help."
          "I don't want anyone to know that we lost our baby. We can find her. I know we can," Michelle said in between sobs.
          Within minutes the lights had turned back on and they could have a proper look around the room. There was no Taylor.
          They stayed in the hospital over night, even though neither of them got any sleep, and left the next morning to go home. Only Jordan and Michelle knew about the strange shadow in the window, and thought that maybe that figure had taken Taylor. The only thing they could do now was go home and hope she was alright.


          Taylor opened her eyes. It was a bright and sunny morning. She sat up in bed and looked at the clock next to her bed. It was only 6 o'clock in the morning. She looked around at her room. The window was cracked open a little bit, making the curtain flutter in the breeze, making the light dance on her walls and floor.
          She rolled out of her orange and yellow bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Her light brown hair stuck out in every direction possible and she had a red patch on her cheek where she had been laying on her arm while she slept.
          She walked over to the large oak doors of her closet. She opened them and walked into her large, color-coded closet. She was very picky and all of her clothes had to be in the right place. It helps her pick what she wants to wear everyday.
          After she had gotten dressed, she wandered over to her open window and closed it. Then she went out onto her balcony that over looked the ocean. The smell of the salt water enhances her thinking and wakes her up in the morning.
          This very balcony is the place that she thought up her "other" life, the one she would have if she knew who her real parents were. She had tried talking to her foster parents, but they wouldn't tell her anything at all. They just said to not worry about it and enjoy what she has instead of worrying about what she could have instead, because she might get disappointed one day.

          Taylor went downstairs and ate something for breakfast. As she did, she was thinking about where her real parents might be now. What would they be doing? Do they have another child now since they didn’t have her? All this thinking lead her to realize that she didn’t want this life that she was living. She wanted the one she didn’t have, with her real parents.

          Because of all this thinking, she did not hear her foster mother, Theresa, come up behind her. Taylor jumped when she touched her on the shoulder.

          “Good morning, darling,” Theresa said. “Did you sleep well?”

          “Yes, I slept alright, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what my real parents  might be like,” Taylor told her.

          “Well you need to stop living in the past. We don’t know where they are or even if they are alive.”

          “Well I believe they are alive and out there somewhere. And I also believe they are wondering about me as much as I am wondering about them.”

          That night, before Taylor went up to bed, she looked around to make sure that her parents weren’t anywhere near and snuck some food up into her room and stowed it in her dresser. She lay in bed quietly, waiting for her parents to fall asleep so she could slip away without being heard. As soon as she saw the light in the hallway outside her room go out, she leapt out of bed and crept over to her dresser where the food was stored. She gathered it all together and grabbed some clothes and shoved them into a duffell bag and slung it over her shoulder and walked out her bedroom door and down the stairs.

          She paused in the kitchen, wondering if she would ever be back here again. She left a note saying that she had gone to find her real parents and set it on the counter top. She looked around once more, then she walked out of the back door, being sure not to slam the door shut behind her. She dashed across the front lawn and started her long and treacherous journey to find her parents.

          A week later, many things had happened to Taylor. She hadn’t properly showered, she was going hungry, and she was still wandering around and hadn’t managed to find her parents. She was begining to think that her foster parents were right, and that her parents really weren’t around anymore. She walked for another hour and then stopped in a large clearing to rest. It was a little chilly that night so she wandered off to find some fire wood. She gathered some and set it up and tried to start a fire. She had tried five times already and she still could not get it to light. She was getting very angry and without thinking, she took her hand and slammed it on the ground next to the pile of sticks, and a burst of flame flared up so suddenly, it almost burned her hair.

          She looked from the fire to her hands. She couldn’t believe that she had done that by slamming her fist down. She looked at the patch of grass next to her. She slammed her hand down next to it. Nothing happened.

          Hm.., she thought, Maybe there is something else to it.

          She thought about it for a moment, and the flame flared again. She had done it with her mind. She can control fire with her mind.

          I wonder what else I can control when I think about it… she mused.

          She looked at her bag first. She thought about unzipping the zipper, and then it happened. She was so excited. She went and tried it on a tree, a stick, and even a little ant. That night, she could not get to sleep. She was too excited about her new-found power.

          The next day, she traveled on for what seemed like forever. There was a small lake right in front of her. She looked at it, then threw down her bag and shed her clothes and jumped right into the water. She was floating on the surface, just relaxing, when she realized that there was a storm coming. She looked at the sky to the north. It was dark and menacing. All she could do was jump out of the water so as to not get struck by lightning. She ran up the shore and put her clothes back on, grabbed her bag and looked around. There was no proper shelter that she could see. All there was were a couple of trees and bushes. The rest was open land. She couldn’t stay out in the open, so she ran and stood under a tree, even though she knew it wasn’t the safest thing to do. There was a loud crack of thunder and a jagged bolt shot out of the sky and struck the tree she was standing underneath. Before she knew what was happening, flames appeared out of no where and seemed to be swallowing the tree. The top snapped off and came plummeting down toward Taylor. She shut her eyes as tight as possible and was ready to feel the pain. When she did not feel it, she opened one eye and looked around her. It was still pouring with rain, but when she looked up, she realized that her new power she had acquired had stopped the tree from falling on her. She thought about putting it on the ground and watched as the branch slowly lowered itself to the ground. The rain subsided a little and she was able to find a dry spot underneath a bush where she could spend the night.

          The next morning, she wandered into a town. She wanted to try her new power out on something else, like a car, or even a person. She found a person sitting on a bench and decided she would try and lift him into the air. That wasn’t what happened, but what did was way better. Suddenly, she was looking from the man’s eyes, as if she was him. She could hear all of his thoughts and see everything that he could see. She was ecstatic. She figured out she was in Charleston, South Carolina by looking at the paper the man was reading. What she didn’t know was that her real parents were here, staying in a hotel for a vacation.

          She gazed around her at all the different buildings. They looked so old, almost like they were going to crumble at any minute. She wandered down the street and passed old restaurants, palm trees, and horse drawn carraiges. She was so fastenated by everything, that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and she ran into a man. He looked to be about in his mid to late forties. She recognized him from somewhere, but said she was sorry and moved on her way down the street. She couldn’t help herself but look back, only to notice that the man had stopped and was staring at her too. She quickly turned around and took the next turn down another street.

          She spent the next hour looking for somewhere to stay, eventually picking out a small, shabby-looking hotel. The room only cost her ten dollars for the night. She spent the night there and got a well-needed shower and a good nights rest. She couldn’t have felt better the next morning.

          She got out of bed, got dressed, and gathered her things and left. She walked onto the street and went the same way she had come from. She turned into a little café and got herself a bagel and some orange juice. She was sitting there eating when a couple walked through the door. It was the same man she had bumped into yesterday on her way to the hotel. He looked at her and wispered something to his wife, who turned around and looked at Taylor. She began to feel a little weird with both of them gazing at her over their coffee cups, so she paid for her meal and walked out the door. She turned down another side street.

          Someone grabbed her from behind. She screamed out, only to have a hand clamped over her mouth. She was then whisked around to face her assailant. It was the man from the store. She just looked at him, and to her surprise, he picked her up in a big bear hug and the man said her name.

          “Taylor? Is it really you? I have been looking for you everywhere!” he said with joy.

          Taylor could see the man had no intention of hurting her, so she replied, “Yes. I’m Taylor. Do I know you?”

          But she already knew the answer to that. She had already been into his head with her power and figured out that he was her father. She searched around his head and found multiple memories of her with him and her real mother. Her father’s name was Jordan and her mother’s was Michelle. She knew she had recognize the man, and she was right.

          “Yes. You do. Do you not remember me? It’s me, you’re father. Me and your mother have missed you so much.” And with that, he held her hand and took her back to the shop, where Michelle was waiting for them. As soon as Taylor walked in the door after Jordan, Michelle had already gotten her arms around her long lost daughter that they had been searching for so long. Taylor searched her mother’s mind as well and found the memories of the frightful night she was taken from her parents at the hospital. She remembered the distinct smell of tulips and apples her mom had always had.

          “Where have you been this whole time?” her mother asked.

          As she began telling them both about what her foster parents were like and her life before she came to find them, she couldn’t believe that after all of this time she had found her parents. Her journey was over, and she was happy that she had found them. A few days later, once she was settled in with her real family, she wrote to her foster parents to tell them that she had found her parents and that she would try and visit soon. She couldn’t have been happier at that moment, living in a house with her real parents once again.

The End

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