So, there I was. In an MRI scan, lying on my back thinking 'How on earth did I get here?'. Nicki had had her arm around my waist as if I had hurt my ankle not my brain, and was supporting me to the Accidents counter. The doctor who asked me what had happened immediately passed me on to the junior doctor with a look at me that said 'good luck, Sucker!'

After a long time (and I mean long) they let me go saying  was now 'completely healthy'.

Which is why I was more than a little surprised when it happend again.

Sitting in an armchair in our classes common room, I had closed my eyes. I was trying to block out the sound of Nicki's fingers dabbing at her mobile when I looked up...

...and she had gone.

Usually I would have thought 'yes. finally!', but this was bad. I had shut my eyes for five seconds and the whole room had been vacated except for Adam, who was leaning over me with a worried expression.

'You okay? Haven't you got a class now?' he said, looking at my planner which was peeking out from under the chair I was sitting on.

'What time is it?' I asked, my voice an octave higher than usual.

'3:00pm, why?' then realisation dawned, 'It's happened again, hasn't it'

I nodded. Adma sighed, like this was an everyday occurrence, and went to get the school nurse.

And I was left thinking 'How often is this going to happen?'

The End

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