Mind Blanks

A girl had a minor head accident when she was fourteen, who now suffers from loss of memory, which transfers her from one time to another, as if by magic. This story shows what happened and how she coped with it.

The problem was too focused around the mind to be called a physical hindrance, but not a problem about my thinking to call it a ‘mental problem'. It was just recognised by anyone who knew me to be ‘the problem'.

The first time it happened was like a miracle, looking more like a super power rather than a damaged brain.

But that's what it was.

It started on the bus to school, when I was fourteen. I was wishing, like many other days, that the bus was travelling in the other direction, instead of heading towards the hovel which we laughably called a school, and the foul breath of my maths teacher, Mr Smithers.

I looked across at my friend, Nicki. She had her headphones in and was listening to her ipod. Same as every other day. In front of me Adam had his head in a book, ignoring my scrutinising gaze, which I'm sure he knew about. He was spooky in that way.

God, why couldn't we be going home. I made my hands into fists and closed my eyes. I hit my head on the back of the seat. I then gave up hoping and looked out of the window...

...Wait, we were heading home. No, there must be some mistake. How can we be heading home? We must have turned around and...I don't know what.

"Wow, Are you okay, Izzy?"

I looked around at my best friend, who looked generally concerned. Her face was twisted in confusion.

"That was one hell of a pot hole. You look liked you hit your head pretty hard. I keep telling you that you should wear your seatbelt...Ohmigod, you will not believe the text Josh sent me, he is so cute..."

With Nicki distracted, I looked out of the window. We were still heading in the wrong direction, I cold see the pub we passed on the way home.

"Izzy? Why are we heading home?"

Nicki smirked at me, "What? Already forgotten today's lessons already, it usually takes a week to blank from your mind the horror of a double maths lesson."

"Nicki, this is not a joke. We were heading to school, I was wishing we were going home, closed my eyes, and we were here. Trust me, we did not have maths lesson today, you were listening to your ipod, and then..."

"Izzy, I thought I told you. My ipod ran out of charge during lunch. Believe me you'll be fine in a minute, just take a chill pill."

Nicki went back behind her curtain of golden hair, looking at her top-of-the-range-mobile. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I looked in front. Adam was looking at of the window. I touched his shoulder.

He was a strange kid, Adam. He was defiantly not my type, so don't even think about going down that route, but we were joined by what could only be desribed as a ‘outsiders-of-the-insiders packed'. An invisible deal where kids who were quiet and slightly weird but were good friends with cool kids had to befriend each other, an invisible arrangement where you were automatically friends. Nicki found him weird. But he was nice enough. And for being a bit of a geek, he didn't wear glasses or braces.

At my touch on his shoulder he jumped and looked round at me. "Adam," I asked, "where's your book?"

"What book?"

"You know, the book you were reading a minute ago."

 He looked confused, "I only had one book today, and I handed that into the library at break. Are you okay? You look pale."

I turned round to Nicki and I grabbed her arm.

"Nicki, you have to believe me. A minute ago we were heading to school, now were going home."

Nicki gave me her best god-you-are-so-mental look and said "Nicki, it's 4.16pm. Check your watch."

I checked and she was right of course. I looked round at her and said, in a weak voice, "I must have a super power. I wished we were heading home, and then we were."

Nicki's eyes widened, "that is so cool. We can ring the press. This is going to make headlines," a dreamy look passed on her face, "I'm going to be famous!"

"There's no such thing as super powers, its against common sense." Adam stated.

"Shut up! You're just jealous your names not going to appear on the front page."

Then to my utmost embarrassment, Adam stood up and shouted "Stop the bus! Izzy needs to go to hospital!"               

The End

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