Georgie continues

Detective Riviera cleared his throat and said, "Maybe Dusty didn't recognize you at Moi Cheri. You said yourself, it's been awhile."

"Oh she recognized me, she did. When she walked past the piano that night she touched my hand for a couple of seconds, and gave me the saddest smile I've ever seen."

Detective Hefiger asked, "Do you know the location of the other girls that went to Hong Kong with Cimbrai?"

"Nobody does."

What do you mean, 'nobody does'?"

"They didn't come back. Rumor has it they was turned out in China."

Riviera nearly shouted. "Turned out? You telling us they went into prostitution?"

"Sold into it, mos' likely."

"Don't they have families, or friends worrying about them?" Riviera continued.

"How should I know. These girls come from small towns with big dreams, the only time they contact their folks is when they be needing  cash, or wantin' to come home."

Hefiger said, "Why do you suppose Dusty wasn't turned out; tall and blonde, she'd draw some serious cash in China."

Georgie shook his head, "Captain, you're askin' the wrong person about that. Now if you're done with me I've still got a job to go to."

The End

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