A Hitch in the Plot

Georgie shook his head. "I ask you now, what would be me reason to kill the lad? I didn't even know him."

Riviera said, "Why were you leaving town?"

"Cuz I know you coppers; you're all alike. You make one little error in judgement, and the coppers want to blame you for everything."

Hefiger asked, "Why do you keep calling  Donny Bally the boss? He claims he only a waiter."

"If you broke it down to fives and nines, I 'pose that would be true. But when the owner isn't  'round we all answer to Bally."

Riviera stood and circled the table, asking, "Do you know Dusty Starr?"

"Yeah, I knew that Rag when she was still Norma Pyle, 'efore she got all hoity toity."

"Tell us about that," said Detective Hefiger.

Georgie removed a pack of Marlboro menthol's from his shirt pocket, and lit one up. Neither detectives tried to correct him.

"Me and Norma worked together at the Gala Inn. I tickled the ivories, and she tried to sing. This was a ways back, afore Long Nose discovered her. She was a skinny mutt back then and was tryin' to earn 'nuf money for some bigger boobs. By the looks of 'em, she got the giant sized ones."

Hefiger asked, "Why would she claim that she didn't know you?"

George blew out a plume of smoke. "She say that?"

"She did."

"Probably still pee o'd about the fight we had. One night Long Nose and his body guards came in and were throwing money around like confetti. Norma always drifted to men who had bread to spend. They spread the word that they were going to Hong Kong on business and were looking for some dames to accompany them. Girls that would grant some additional privileges. Long story short, Norma, Trica, Maggie, and Caroline signed on. They left the next day. Norma and I had been hired t'gether, and without her I was out of a job." 


The End

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