The Piano Player

Monday morning, Detective Riviera was late to work. Hefiger was already at his desk, with papers and pictures spread out, obliterating his desktop. He looked up when Riviera sat at his desk across from Hefiger, "Late night,?" he said.

Riviera turned on his computer, "Ex's car wouldn't start, I had to take Sean to school. Have they picked up our piano player yet?"

"Not yet, there's a BOLO out for him." Hefiger said handing Riviera a blown-up photo. Riviera studied the picture, then turned it over, reading the information on the man. Riviera stared at the older detective, "Holy crap, have you read this?"

"Yeah. Unbelievable, isn't it?"

Riviera ran his hand over his short hair. "So Georgie's real name is David O'Connell, and he's a concert pianist from Ireland."

Not being able to smoke in the house, Hefiger unwrapped a stick of gum, "Keep reading."

"Damn," Riviera looked up, "He spent 8 years in prison for assisted suicide of his wife."

"Yep, poisoned her."


Hefiger picked up the phone, "Homicide... Thanks.  Looks like our Mr. O'Connell was about to board a train. They're bringing him in."

Riviera raised one finger, "It would be great to close this case before noon."

The two detectives returned to normal, never ending paperwork.

The End

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