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Detective Hefiger looked up at me through black bushy eyebrows, and said, “I’ll make a note of that. Can you tell me why you were at Moi Cheri tonight?”

I glanced at my lawyer, who nodded. “Fredrico said we were celebrating an agreement that had been made.”

“Do you know what that agreement was?”

I shook my head, and then said, “No, I don’t.”

Detective Riviera asked, “Outside of your group, how many other people knew you would be there tonight?”

I batted my lashes at him and said, “If I’d known you would be there, I’d have come alone.”

Riviera’s face turned crimson. “Please answer the question.”

“I have no idea, I’m not his secretary.”

Hefiger said, “What were you to him?”

“I was his fiancé.”

Hefiger said, “I don’t see an engagement ring.”

“We hadn’t got around to picking it out.” I said a little too hotly.

“Are you a frequent customer at Moi Cheri?
“No. I’d never been there before tonight.”

Hefiger made a notation of this. “And do you know anyone that works there?”

“Not really,” I said.

Detective Riviera said, “What does, not really, mean?”

“Well, I believe that our waiter last night is a member of my health spa.”

Detective Hefiger frowned, causing his eyebrows to meet above his nose. “That would be Donny Bally?”

“Yes. Well, I guess that’s his name; I think I heard someone call him Donny, one time.”

“But you’ve never talked to him?”


“Did you talk to him last night?”

“No, I did not talk to him last night,” I said raising my voice.

Carl Straightweather finally interjected, “Gentlemen, I believe that’s all Ms. Starr has to say tonight.” And to me, “Are you ready to go Dusty?” I stood, and Carl placed my mink over my shoulders.

Riviera smoothed down his mustache, and said, “Don’t be thinking of leaving town, Dusty.”

As Carl was opening the door for me, Detective Hefiger said, “One thing more. Are you related to anyone at the Pyle Chemical Co.?”

I felt a shiver pass through me. “Yes, Hugh Pyle is my uncle.”

Carl placed his hand on my back and ushered me from the room. I glanced back to see both detectives were smiling.



The End

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