I've Heard Cyanide is Tasteless...

A sharp rap on the door, and all three of us looked up. An officer in uniform stuck his head in the door, and said, "Dusty Starr wants to leave. What do you want me to do?" 

Hefiger said, "Tell her to keep her panties on, we'll be with her in a minute."  To me he said, "Tell us more about this George and his cyanide comment.

"I got nuttin else to say, that's all he said, and I didn't pay that no never mind," I said.

Detective Hefiger stood, then Riviera did the same. Hefiger tapped his large vanilla envelope on the table. "Son, get outa here, but don't even think of leaving town."

In no time I was up and out of there, but once in the squad room I glanced around, and there she was, Dusty Starr. She was sitting on a bench against the wall, with a gray haired guy in a striped suit. Her lawyer, I surmised. Behind me, I heard an officer tell her, "They're ready for you now."

Under the watchful eyes of a half dozen uniforms, she, and her lawyer stood and followed the officer. You could  have heard a pin drop, until the door closed behind her.

Dusty Starr's story.

Two men were standing when Carl Straightweather and I entered the small green room. The red headed officer pulled out a chair for me. I learned later the he was Detective Riviera, and the dark one was Detective Hefiger. Carl Straightweather, my attorney, said, "Gentlemen, I expect this to be brief. My client has just lost the love of her life, but out of the goodness of her heart she has agreed to give a statement."

It was all I could do to keep a straight face. Long Nose, deserved to die; if not because of what he did to me, for what he'd done to others. I clamped my teeth together, and straightened my short skirt above my knees. I noticed Riviera staring at my legs. This is going to be fun

The dark one said, "Ms Starr, are you here of your own free will?"

I nodded yes.

Hefiger said, "Good. According to this report, your real name is Norma Pyle, is that correct?'

"No." I said hotly. "I legally changed my name three years ago.'

The End

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