Story continues

“Of course,” Detective Riviera said. “Continue…”  Five o’clock stares at Riviera, but doesn’t say anything.

“I poured the milk, and then placed it on a table as I went to get a tray.”

 Hefiger said, “Was the glass of milk out of your sight when you went for a tray?”

“I suppose, but not for long,”

“Okay,” said Riviera, “What happened next?”

“I took it to Mr. Cimbrai’s table.”

Five o’clock shadow, asked, “No body touched it, or you on the way to his table?”

“No. Oh, wait, I did set it on the piano when a customer began to choke.”

Hefiger and Riviera exchanged glances. “Who was choking?”

“A customer was choking on a piece of meat, and I ran over to him, but a guy at the next table got there first.” I said.

Riviera said, “So, you’re saying anyone could have put something in the milk glass?”

“I’m not saying anything. I’m just telling you what happened.”

Five O’clock asked, “Were all Cimbrai’s people at the table when you delivered the milk?”

“I don’t think Dusty Starr was, I think I passed her when I delivered the milk.”

“Was this before or after you left the milk on the piano?” Riviera asked.


“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I was looking at her boobs when she went by; she’s got big ones.”

Riviera ran his hand over his mustache to hide a grin.

The End

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