Kiss Eternal.Mature

Marcus awoke several hours later, his body felt surprisingly good. His wounds were still healing, but they appeared to be mainly superficial at this point. He could feel the softness of Xenia's body laying against him. Her arm draped over his chest, her scent heavy in the air.

The events beforehand slowly unfolded as Marcus' realized what he had done. The Fraternity, Alexander, Xenia, at this point, there was no going back anymore.

Welcome to the brave new world Marcus..

He smirked as he brushed a hand against Xenia's sleeping form, this could be something he can get used to. He gently tried to wake her, she gave a soft smile and drew the blankets around herself. Marcus smirked, she apparently wished to sleep longer. He uneasily got to his feet, noticing his bones still ached something fierce. He noticed something at the entrance to their makeshift room.

He found two sets of clothing at his feet, he took careful note of the weapons beside each pile. He felt a shiver as he saw Orion had given Xenia a compound bow, and a quiver of razor tipped arrows. Those were definitely designed to stop humans. With the velocity a werewolf could fire; probably more then able to pierce the issued armor from the Fraternity as well, he remembered pulling a few of them from his own flesh. Even with his condition, they hurt like hell.

He then surveyed his clothing, more specifically the weapon holstered. A massive jet black pistol, had to weight in at nearly 15 pounds. He admitted this was a weapon a human would have a great amount of difficulty firing accurately. However, for him, this felt like the gun was made of plastic. Ejecting the magazine, he found a 6 round clip, however, each round was a 13mm explosive shell. This was a gun designed for stopping power, doubtful even Alex can shrug these off. The lesser members of the Fraternity, he could feel the beast welling up with joy at the chaos this gun would create. He noticed an engraving along the barrel of the weapon, appeared to be a Celtic blessing of some sorts.

This will do nicely.

He surveyed the clothing on the ground for himself. Standard issue, boxers, socks, a pair of heavy combat boots. Heavy black pants, complete with ammo clips, a snug black shirt that looked like it was designed to stretch. Probably to allow for him to shift, covering Xenia up he got dressed before going outside. He adjusted to become used to the new weight of the gun, definitely heavier then his old weapons. However, the hand cannon felt, warm to him. He noticed the fey perched oddly atop what meager fixtures the tunnels could afford. She a wrapped package in her arms, she hopped down onto the couch and gave Marcus a grin.

"Greetings King, I see you're back among the land of the living again." Marcus gave her a puzzled look as she stuffed the box in his arms. "Consider this a gift from the Fey, the Fraternity must know that the Hunter is on our side now don't they?" Marcus didn't say anything but he unwrapped the box and withdrew the items Enid had located for him.

The first item was a beautiful black and green duster, it was similar to the blood red duster he wore as Fraternity, except this one was a different color. It also had a silver trim adorning the sleeves, he turned the jacket around. The image of a moon was emblazoned on the back. He grinned to himself, this was a very nice change. He noticed another item in the box, a sword. Not any sword, but something no human could easily lift.

The sword was at least four feet long, the hilt was carved of bone, the blade was forged of solid steel, tempered several times over. It felt natural to him, as if the blade was a part of his arm at one point. He noticed a grin from Enid as she licked her lips, Marcus swore he heard a wolf's howling in the distance.

"It likes you, the bones are from Weres, the fallen are alongside you, her name's Rebellion. Ensure she gets a good feeding on those who hunt us." Marcus solemnly nodded as he held the blade in his hands, he could feel it's fury, it resounded against his own beast. It almost felt this weapon was waiting for him, and they were going to ensure the Fraternity met with a very messy end.

Greg was in deep thought when he saw Marcus up and about. The Hybrid looked like he was feeling his old self again already. It was only a few days ago he drug his broken body into this section of the sewers. Marcus walked up to him, it took a moment before he spoke. The Hunter appeared to be stuck in thought for a moment, "Greg, I want to thank you for helping me. I honestly expected to be left in the tunnels to bleed out." Greg shook his head, Marcus was just a pawn to the Fraternity. At this point, it wasn't his fault.

"Let's leave the past there Marcus, you were tricked. The Fraternity is very good at that. Now I have a request Marcus, I'm sure you noticed the bow left for Xenia and Persephone has a set of serrated daggers now. As much as I hate this, they should be aware of how to use them. You're the closest we have to a trained soldier down here, when they wake up. Can you teach them?" Marcus didn't say much, just nodded.

"I can do that, at this point I understand down here. We all pull our share, and at one point Xenia or Persephone may be in danger and have to fight for their lives. I would rather have them outside of the fray." He saw something unusual as Greg let out a boisterous laugh as he clapped Marcus on the shoulder.

"Good luck with that, you have to learn when dealing with the females of our species. They're very strong willed, and unless you want to be out here on a blanket with the rest of us. You should let Xenia fight alongside the rest of our pack." That word seemed to sound so different to Marcus.

Our pack..

He nodded as he went to find Persephone and give Xenia a few more minutes to sleep. When she wakes up, her training will begin.


The End

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