Stay here awhile, Stay here, with me.Mature

Marcus' body hurt, in ways he didn't even believe a body was designed to feel pain. Still, the only thing he wanted to do was hold Xenia close. 

"Stay here, please," His breathe came in short rasps, one lung didn't seem to want to respond. His body barely acknowledged his commands. 

Persephone skittered off, her body shifting from girl to feline in a fluid motion. Her body glided back to girl when she circled Greg, who was in mid conversation with Orion, still in his beast form, about fortifications of the tunnels. He couldn't move the wounded, they would need to stay for now. Especially Marcus, his body was the worst of all. He needed time, how much remained to be determined. 

"Greg!" The young shifter gasped. "He came to!" Greg nodded to Orion as he followed Persephone to Marcus' makeshift hospital room. Greg and Orion stood outside the hovel as Persephone raced past them. 

Persephone nearly leapt at Marcus before stopping herself. She knelt beside Marcus, hesitating for a moment before the hybrid was able to meet her gaze. He met her eyes for a moment before turning away. She felt shame and resentment in him, she couldn't believe her savior felt bad? She didn't say much, just wrapped her arms around Marcus' badly bandaged body.

"Thank you Marcus' for giving me my life back, twice. You of all people know how simple it is to snuff out. You fought for me, and were willing to give it all for me, and for Xenia. I don't care what you are, you're family to me too!" She paused for a moment, "That-that is if you want me?" 

Marcus gave what she could only perceive as a grin and a pained nod. His voice slowly came out, nearly a battered whisper.

"I-I'm the monster, not you, I'd be honored to call you family," Persephone growled for a moment before striking a hand against Marcus' shoulder. He let loose a yelp before she let loose and retracted her claws.

"You big idiot, you fought against Alexander, the butcher himself. For me, and Xennie, and she's crazy over you. Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and-" She finally noticed Marcus' holding Xennie's arm in his good hand. "Oh-" she blushed for a moment before slinking off. Xenia gave a small giggle as Marcus groaned. Greg and Orion stood looking at him with both concern, and surprise. Greg stepped forward first, looking over Marcus his healing was incredible. He was nowhere near fighting form, but considering the bloody mess he was previously. This was incredible. 

"Marcus, you remember me right?" Marcus nodded as he gestured to his jaw. Greg continued, "We found you after your brawl with Alexander, with the limited grasp you had over your form. You were able to fight him to a standstill, after tearing a path through a sizable amount of the Fraternity. I have to admit, I am impressed." He looked to Xennie clutching defensively at Marcus' arm. He sighed to himself, she was his. He would eventually let go, at the very least she is probably what pulled him through. Gesturing to the werewolf behind him, "This is Orion, you two have met in the tunnels." Orion stepped forward and gave Marcus what a beast could for a salutation. 

"I gotta say Fraternity, you fight like a true beast. I gotta say I'm happy you're on our side now. If you need weapons, blades, or guns come find me, aight?" Marcus gave an unsteady nod. He backed off as Greg took over. 

"Marcus, I need to ask you this. Where will you go now? Your wounds can heal at an astounding rate, in a few days I believe you will be fit for travel. I can arrange for you to leave, we'll throw the Fraternity off the trail if you want." He saw the panicked look in Xenia's eyes. He wanted Marcus to remain as well, he tunnels could use some good news. However, this had to be Marcus' choice. He just turned his back on the Fraternity, it may be difficult for him to choose to stay. Marcus set his other hand on the shotgun left by his side.

"I can't promise I will be very useful, but I think this is how I can make amends. I will need help though," He gave Xenia's hand a weak squeeze, his beast felt a deep need to be by this girl's side. A pair of eyes appeared behind Marcus as Enid appeared out of what seemingly appeared to be the darkness itself. 

"Oh good, the pawn becomes the King. Good king, I am but a batty rook at your service. Wind me up and point me at the fools who smite us in the name of their petty god." She gave a grin to Marcus as Greg gave her a puzzled look. "Oberon's children look over their own, the hybrid will get no less treatment, besides," She gave a vicious grin, "I want to see what he can do with a little training, imagine, Fey and Werewolf in a single package." 

Greg gestured Enid back for a moment, "Marcus, this is Enid, she's well, unique, but I'm sure you two will find some common grounds as well," He noted the two both had the same bright green tint to their eyes. Marcus' fey blood was starting to manifest itself as well, possibly due to the fey never really hid themselves the rest of the otherkin did. Marcus turned his gaze towards Greg, he had a feeling Marcus wanted to know about Alexander, but no need to trouble him just yet.

"Alexander, did he?" Greg shook his head, as he chose his response carefully.

"Xennie smacked him upside the head, but we didn't find a body. The Fraternity may have carted him off, but a pipe against a human head, I really doubt he'll have much left to fight with after." Marcus nodded, his beast growled softly. It wanted the kill, not to let him go! "Marcus," Greg continued, "if you want to fight, we'll need to help curb that beast of yours. Make sure it can be a weapon, with a little control you could probably fare better then before," Marcus gave a nod, if he was going to be a weapon against the Fraternity. He'd do it, he'll tear through the fools to protect her, his Xennie. He pulled himself to an upright position. Already the pain seemed to subside. Greg gave him a small grin, he had his weapon against the Fraternity, now to figure out how to help him wield it. He honestly didn't know if a hybrid had a normal beast, or how to properly pull it forth. 

However, Marcus would need to be trained more at a later date. He was still very weak, and he needed to look further into the Fortifications of the tunnels. He knew he couldn't get Marcus far yet, and if the Fraternity returned; his force wasn't very strong. He gestured to the others, "Orion, Enid, come on, we need to check the tunnels. I want to see if we have any other Fraternity skulking about." Greg's beast pawed the ground, it still desired the woman. He forced himself to shut the beast out for now, he knew Marcus deserved to speak with Xenia first and foremost, he had obligations to the otherkin to fulfill first and foremost. 

Enid grinned as she saw the werewolves leave, she crept behind them. The pieces were falling into place now, all they needed was a proper nudge and things could get very fun. 


The End

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