Persephone limped into the makeshift area Greg had created to tend to the wounded. She hid in the corner licking her wounds, she cursed at herself.

Why did she risk herself for Xennie? She took on Alex was the butcher, the closest thing to a monster she has ever laid eyes upon. She knew she was outclassed in mind, and body yet she lunged at him claws bared. She was not a killer by the furthest stretch of the imagination, to him it was ritual.

Something in her just needed to protect her, Xennie was the closest thing to a sister she could ask for. This thought struck her as odd.


Since the Fraternity took her mother, she had kept to herself. Until Greg at least, he always took care of her. With the Fraternity out there, the otherkin always tried to remain close.

Her thoughts were roused as Greg finally came over to look at her, he wore just a faded pair of blue jeans, his knives discarded for now. In his human form, he could handle the more delicate task of stitching up wounds. He knelt down to tend to her arm, she looked curiously towards the closed curtain where he was working for what seemed like hours.

"How is he? Will Marcus make it?" Greg didn't say anything as he began to gently tend to Sephe's wounds. As he began wrapping the cuts he finally spoke.

"Marcus, is badly wounded. He lost quite a lot of blood. There are blade injuries through several vital areas, in a normal werewolf. I can say without a doubt, he'd be dead already. I had to get Enid back here to help me with removing them, I couldn't even touch the handles." At the mention of Enid, Persephone felt her ears quiver.

"Why did you ask them for help? The Fey are usually too self-absorbed in their own affairs to care about the rest of us?" Greg nodded as he cleaned the next wound.

"Normally yes, but Enid owed me a favor. The Fey are meticulous on the repayment of said favors. She's intrigued by Marcus as well, an example of two bloodlines like him should not exist."

Persephone looked towards the blanket again. "Xennie in there too?" Greg nodded, "She ok?" Greg gave a small laugh as he wrapped a bandage around her ankle.

"She's fine, between your little acrobatics against Alex and the clash between the butcher and Marcus. He didn't lay a hand  on her." Persephone sighed in relief.

"Good, I like her Greg. She's the first human I've trusted in years, and I think Marcus can be trusted too. I think Marcus realizes he's been used for so long and now he wants to pay the Fraternity back. Especially for, " She paused for a moment, "Well what they did to him. You think he was born like this or did they do it after?"

Greg shook his head, "Seph, I couldn't say. This is something I've never heard of until Marcus. Hybrids rarely live very long, and were more likely to suffer the weakness' of both as opposed to cancelling them out. He's completely immune to iron, silver, sunlight, I don't even know how he was able to not only change but hold his own for so long." Persephone knew Marcus had changed at one point in the sewers and let himself at the Fraternity. He had nearly destroyed himself protecting the otherkin. She needed to see him, and Xennie too.

Slowly getting to her feet, she approached the curtain. "I need to see him Greg. At least for Xennie," She gingerly pulled back the curtain. Marcus had reverted back to his human form, albeit his flesh was heavily wounded. Bandages adorned him, he had some type of fluid being pumped in from an IV, something to accelerate the healing process. Xennie was beside Marcus, her knees drawn up to her chest as she looked towards Persephone.

Slowly getting down on her knees she rested her head on Xennie's shoulder. Her tiny body wracked with what she wanted to say, something to boost her confidence in Marcus? Reassurance, he was a fighter, he could beat this. She didn't have anything did she? Her voice gently echoed before she hugged Xennie with all the strength she had left.

"Don't leave me again Xennie, you-you're the first person who has felt like family in years. I know I have Greg, and he's nice but - but," Her voice quivered as she broke into tears.

Saying nothing, Xennie wrapped her arm around the teenage shifter as she both watched Marcus rest. Enid watched on, as the Fey kept to the shadows watching the tiny display of emotion. The hybrid should be watched over, she had offered to stay behind for now. At least until her curiousity was sated.

The Humans had collected their butcher as well, she watched with bated breath as they drug their fallen leader from his resting place in the sewers. How useful can a man with half a head really be anyways?

The End

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