Face your Fear, and Draw your SwordMature

Marcus stared at his reflection in the mirror.


He was something unheard of before, a mixture of werewolf and fey, but how did they prevent him from changing? Or his rage for that matter?

The beast didn't hide itself anymore, any traces of the Fraternity training washing away. He had seen the true face of the Fraternity, and didn't like the true monster hiding beneath the pretty face.

Xennie, what of her, what should be done? He knew the Fraternity would want her dead, and quite possibly his own blood as well. The question is how did he become this creature. He believed half breeds were only the stuff of legend, the blood could cancel out eachother's faults. 

He looked to the bloody bayonet on the couch, Alexander would pay for this. He promised that much, he looked towards the colts beside the blade. Could he honestly take Alexander? This was the man that trained him to fight, the Fraternity's finest against the shadows. 

Don't think that way he scolded himself, he has fought even bigger demons then Alex and came out alive. He was roused by his cell phone, a text message. The tunnels were being raided? Alex was leading the charge. 

Marcus realized that this was it, no turning back. If he took on the Fraternity at this point, he would fight Alexander. The holy wrath himself. He didn't think any further, placing his guns in his duster, the blade on his leg he prepared for battle. As an extra incentive, he grabbed his sawed-off shotgun from the armory, as well as a few quickloaders. 

He ran to the motorbike and made his way to the Sewers, another text message. Persephone, Alex was in the tunnels? 

He felt that beast rear it's head again, it wanted Alexander. It would not be denied tonight!

Pulling up to the closest entrance he saw two Fraternity brothers at the gate waiting. They bowed as Marcus got off the bike, "Greetings Brother, come to join the-" he was cut off as Marcus drew the first colt and fired off a round into each Brother. He looked at the two headless bodies on the ground and allowed his beast to take in the bloodlust.

"Come now, let us see how real monsters fight!" His laughter echoed through the tunnels. Alerting both Fraternity and otherkin alike. The next Fraternity Brother saw Marcus wheel around the corner, he at first thought Marcus was here as help. He noticed something was very wrong about him, his body strained against the duster he wore. Almost as if he'd grown? He didn't get much more time to react as he stared into Marcus' eyes, and felt his body grow cold. His righteous fury was sapped from him as one of the Fraternity's finest stood before him, eyes of a wolf. He didn't say anything further as Marcus planted another member's blade through his sternum. 

"Alexander!!!" Marcus screamed into the tunnels. This met with two Fraternity members stepping around the corner as they unleashed a barrage of gunfire into Marcus. He felt the bullets tear through his clothing, trashing armor and flesh alike. This didn't stop him, with a speed honed by years of fighting he drew his Colts and unleashed two rounds, each one finding their mark. The agents were thrown backwards from the impact of the weapon. 

Marcus caught his breath in ragged gasps as he fell to the ground. He knew he had been shot, he forgot how much it hurt. He looked at his left arm, it didn't seem to respond anymore. He drew himself to his feet as he let the guns fall to the ground. He was out of ammunition anyways, he heard the sounds of battle in an adjoining tunnel, could it be Xennie? He forced his body to keep moving, the healing would kick in shortly, he could heal later on.

He saw a werewolf surrounded by four Fraternity members, they were an elite unit. The blades, using his good arm, he grabbed the shotgun as he rushed the closest Brother.

Placing the shotgun against his back and turning him towards another Blade, he squeezed the trigger. The shotgun blast killed the first Blade and the resulting blast injured the second. Marcus threw him aside as he fired two more shells into the remaining Blades. The next Blade didn't move in time, however the remaining Brother caught him offguard. He put his sword deep into Marcus' stomach, he had a momentary look of surprise as the Blade grimaced as he turned the blade upon his former Brother. 

He was even more shocked when Marcus grabbed the blade, growling as he drew it out of his own body and promptly impaling the final Blade on his own weapon. 

Marcus fell against the wall, he was not doing so well. By his count, he took out twenty Fraternity so far, or was it twenty one? He got shot too many times, his body was starting to get dangerously close to his limit. He felt a strong pair of hands help him up, he growled as he placed the shotgun against the assisting creature. He saw the werewolf he defended earlier holding him up. He barely sputtered a few words, he was lungshot wasn't he?

"Xennie?" The werewolf seemed to understand exactly what he needed. He pointed him towards another set of tunnels.

"At the end hunter, watch out. The tunnels are lost, your former comrades are everywhere, and a man with a pair of blades is cutting his way through our best and brightest." Marcus growled as he felt a renewed burst of strength get him back up. 

"Alex!!" Loading his final handful of shells into the gun he continued to trudge towards his target. The water was stained red at this point, by his blood or others. It didn't matter, if he died here he would drag Alex down to hell with him. He saw the werewolf trudging behind him, he turned towards the creature, "Get help! I will do what I can here." The creature held it's ground a moment before dashing off.

Marcus kept moving, his hand bracing him against the tunnels as he heard a girl scream. Persephone stumbled into view, she was in her fighting form, it was a mixture of a cat and a young woman. She was obviously outdone, her fur was bloody, she was limping, one arm hung lifelessly at her side. She saw Alex tromp after her, his blades gently scraping at the walls. 

"I'll ask you one final time, where is Marcus" His voice grated as Persephone tried to force her body back. She saw Marcus looming behind Alex, she gave a small grin as she noticed the shotgun in his hands. 

"Behind you," Alexander didn't have enough time to turn around before Marcus unloaded a round into his back. The Priest stumbled forward, he turned towards Marcus and launched a blade at Marcus, then rushed with the other. 

Marcus had enough strength to deflect the blade with his shotgun then leveled the weapon in Alex's chest before squeezing another round off. As Alexander hit the ground he turned towards Persephone, she could see the beast in him was fighting for control. Marcus was far beyond any point of turning back now.

"Get Xennie, run! I'll hold him he-" his voice was cut off as a bayonet found itself in his chest. Second damn blade today, he slowly drew the blade back out, holding it at length against Alex he prepared himself for the end. Alex growled at him, the two shotgun blasts did slow him down. They were far from killing blows however, he lowered his stance in preparation to leap at Marcus for a killing blow.

"So, you let the bitch infect you too? Pathetic, did the elders teach you nothing," he didn't give Marcus a chance to retort as he threw himself at Marcus. The battered fighter had barely enough strength to throw his blade up to deflect a blow that could have taken his head. 

"No-they made me this way, the elders," Marcus was losing too much blood. He was getting slow, at full strength being able to handle Alex may have been a difficult task. Now it was impossible, Alex threw another blade at him, this one found his leg, another found his arm, another in his chest. Alex screamed as he put another blade in his arm, pinning him against the wall. 

"Lies!! The Fraternity would never sink to such a level!" He rushed Marcus again hoping to lop his head off this time. Marcus still held the shotgun, drawing it up he fired a round at Alex's shoulder. 

This time the armor didn't hold, Alexander screamed as the flechette tore through his shoulder, falling down to a knee he growled as he picked up another blade. Marcus couldn't still be standing could he? His blades were everywhere in the traitor's body, he saw Marcus grinning at him. He raised the shotgun for one final round. "See you in Hell Brother."


No, Marcus cursed to himself. Please just one final round.


Marcus dropped the shotgun to the ground as he tried to yank a blade loose, he had nothing left. He tried, he really did. He closed his eyes as Alex stood overtop him, ready for the killing stroke.

"I'm sorry Xennie..." He whispered as Alex raised his blade back.

"In the name of the Father, impure demons shall be banished to the fires of hell!"


The End

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