Balance of PowerMature

Marcus was out on patrol tonight, he personally didn't care about the hunt tonight. He was more interested in ensuring Xennie was safe.

What was he thinking? The balance was tilting towards the darkness, he knew it, the chapel felt so cold today. His mind raced with places Xennie could be, if this was her first change. She would be at her weakest, the Fraternity would try to catch her tonight. His mind played out every scenario imaginable, if Alex found her, she was definitely in trouble. His thoughts were interrupted by his cell phone going off.

"I got something for you - Flicker"

Marcus felt a sigh of relief, at least something would be getting close to resolved. He left the assigned route and got on his bike. The engine roared to life as he sped towards Flicker's apartment.

Marcus pulled up to the front of the ancient brick building, as he got off the machine he felt an uneasy calm about him. Without a second thought, he drew one of his colts for reassurance. Marcus buzzed Flicker's apartment, waiting for a moment with no answer he became worried. Flicker was always home? He didn't go out, Marcus arranged he always had blood packs, what else does that ghoul need, especially after contacting him. Something inside Marcus stirred as the moon shone overhead, something was really wrong.

Marcus collapsed on the stairwell outside the apartment, pain tore through his body, his hands clutched at his sides. Something inside screamed at him to get inside, Marcus forced himself to stand. Steadying his gun at the lock he fired off a round at the lock. The bullet tore through the flimsy metal with a satisfying screeching sound as Marcus drug himself inside.

The closer he got to Flicker's apartment the angrier this feeling inside him became. He noticed the sickly stench of blood hung in the air as well, this forced him to double his pace to Flicker's door.

What was left of his door anyways, it appeared someone neatly sliced the door off the hinges. Marcus carefully stepped inside, keeping low to the ground in case whatever did that was still here. The scent of death here was the strongest, Marcus knew Flicker had a bit of an issue with smell, but it was never this badly.

As he stepped into the living room, his boot hit the flooring with a wet thud. Looking down, Marcus was in a pool of blood, following the trail he found Flicker. His hands were neatly sliced off, as well as a vicious wound to his leg.

Marcus took note, the wounds were executed flawlessly. Meaning this was either a very clean monster, or one of his Own. As he rolled Flicker onto his back, he discovered the bayonet still lodged in his chest.


Marcus growled as he pulled the weapon loose from Flicker's chest. He would let him cross over with some dignity, for all he did that was the least Marcus could offer.

Alex killed him...

Marcus let the thought ring through his mind, it infuriated him. Flicker was not a threat, he smashed a fist against the closest wall in frustration. The pain felt good, it felt, almost freeing. In frustration he slammed both hands down atop a nearby desk. The desk splintered in two as it cracked under his anger. Marcus screamed in pain as he felt that anger shaking loose again. It wanted out, it wanted to let itself loose on the Fraternity. It wanted blood, it wanted to rip the Fraternity apart limb by limb, Marcus let out a frustrated roar before collapsing to the ground.

Then all was quiet again, Marcus laid on the cool ground. As his gaze began to refocus he saw a small black piece of plastic by Flickers mouth. He gingerly reached out a hand to pick the item up, it was a USB stick?

As Marcus forced himself up, he plugged the device into Flicker's PC. Loading the data up, he scanned over the information within.

He could feel his anger welling up within him again, ready to spill itself out. He was about to feel an emotion becoming very familiar to him.

They used him...

His cell phone rang, it was the Elder. Marcus couldn't contain the anger as his voice shook upon answering the phone.

"Brother Marcus, we have a report of two Brothers missing in the underground. Please report in tomorrow evening, they wish to take our Brothers. We will repay them in kind."

Marcus didn't say anything further, just hung the cell phone up. Bowing near Flicker, he closed the young ghoul's eyes. Attaching the bayonet to a slip on his duster, Marcus would make damn sure it found it's way home. First, he needed to find Xennie, immediately.

Marcus decided he could put this new knowledge off to the side for now. He had to find Persephone immediately, if anyone knew where Xennie was. If she was safe, it was her.


The End

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