Flicker was working into the late night, his bony fingers rattled over the keyboard. He had a goal, get into the Fraternity servers and see what he can dig up about Marcus.


He grinned as he took a sip from the blood bag left for him by Marcus. He liked Marcus, scary as hell but seemed to always give him blood packs in exchange for helping him hunt bigger monsters.

Flicker knew he wasn't very scary, his worst crimes were stealing blood bags from the Heights, there was a nice doctor who gave him the packs sometimes too wasn't there?

He shook his head as he began to work his magic, the reason he was turned into a ghoul was due to the fact he hacked into the wrong database and pissed off a vampire coven. They turned him, then made him work, they weren't very nice.

Then Marcus appeared, guns blazing, he killed the mean vampires. He was going to shoot him too, until he made a deal. Give the hunter information, and he lives. Marcus liked the deal, and thus Flicker had a friend.

Flicker grinned as the last bit of network security gave out on the Fraternity servers. He was in!!


Where to start, Flicker decided on weapons. Good place to start, he began to look through the list of files. Most appeared to be harmless. Information on how to manufacture bullets, nature of the Fraternity's blades, metal composition. Then he found a file that made his ears buzz.


Opening the file, Flicker began to read. It spoke of a faction of the Fraternity he had not heard anything of. It spoke of combining genetic material from two different otherkin to create a single being and successfully breed the weakness' out of it. It began to list several different otherkin, their type, and current status. There were many listed as deceased, several children were mentioned as well. One particular entry caught Flicker's attention.

***Marcus - Alive, Unchanged***

Flicker brought up that particular entry, it spoke of Marcus. They used werewolf and fey bloodlines to create a child that was unaffected by both Silver and Iron. He displayed remarkable combat prowess, accelerated healing talents, and nigh unkillable. He began to page through each section of the file, his thirst for the knowledge getting more frantic. He noticed an email appeared on his desktop. It was from Zeke, Marcus did go after all. Searching his findings he realized Zeke confirmed the file. Marcus was something, well totally different.

Something totally dangerous, the Fraternity crossed a line. Quickly plugging in a USB stick Flicker downloaded everything to the stick, the files, the reports, the videos, and Zeke's findings. Picking up his cell phone he called Marcus' no answer.


Flicker paused, do they know what they've created? If Marcus changes side, they'll have one very big problem? What if they have some type of countermeasure against this?

Flicker continued exploring the Fraternity network to see if he could find anything, until he heard a voice that sent his blood running cold.


It was Alexander! Marcus had spoke of him once. Snatching the USB stick flicker did the only thing that came to him at this point. He had to get this information to Marcus. Taking a small bag and placing the USB stick against the roof of his mouth. He ran for cover before the apartment door was neatly sliced off it's hinges.

Alexander walked in, dressed in his high gray collared shirt and carrying two very vicious bayonets. He surveyed the room as he wrinkled his nose.

"Come out unpure filth, and meet the end"

Flicker knew he was in trouble, Alexander was one of the best, Marcus may not have a chance against him. What could he do?

As he ran through his options, Alex took out a small vial of powder. Uncorking the glass he swilled the contents as it began to react to oxygen. Flicker watched with curiousity as the contents began to burn brightly, very brightly. Painful, very painful! He fell away from his hiding spot to shield his eyes against the powder. Alex took notice as the ghoul fell away from his hiding spot. What a pitiful creature, unleashing a bayonet Alex hurled it across the room; the blade neatly pinned the ghoul's pale leg to the floor.

Flicker howled in pain as Alex strode over to him, kneeling only inches from his face Alex appeared to be staring into him. Shielding his eyes as he tried to free his leg, only succeeding in burning his hands further, he whimpered as Alex produced another bayonet.

"What does the Chaplain want you dead for?" Flicker grimaced as he tried to remove the bayonet again? Alexander sighed as he lopped that hand clean off, Flicker screamed in pain as he thrashed back. The silver burning the appendage and leaving an acrid smell as he tried to stop the bleeding. Alexander didn't seem to pay the pain any mind.

"I'll ask you again, what ties do you have with Marcus or the Fraternity?" Flicker responded by spitting in his face this time. Enraged Alexander lopped off the other hand, at this point Flicker began to calm down, the loss of blood was making him lax. He looked at Alex with a serene calmness as a bloody smile crept across his face.

"You can't stop him."

Alex screamed as he brought his blades through the young ghoul. The kill was almost instantaneous, Alex tried to remove the blades. They appeared to be stuck on something, he wriggled the blades for a moment before dislodging one from the ghoul's ribcage. Wiping the blood off Alexander placed the blade back in it's rightful place. He left the other bayonet lodged in the ghoul's chest.

The full moon would be soon, he should join Marcus in the hunt tonight. Maybe he could help his ailing brother get a few kills tonight, and determine what reason Marcus would have with a ghoul. 

The End

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