Bloody RevelationMature

It was much later by the time Greg found a moment to get down to the lab and check on Zeke. His patients had kept him busy which was probably for the best considering that he did not want to spend too much time thinking about Xenia and Perseophone. Otherwise he was going to be spending all his time worrying about those two. There was nobody he could send to look out for them though. Persephone would look after them. That girl was tougher than most people gave her dredit for.

He just hoped she kept her mouth shut about Marcus. Xenia had more than enough to worry about without finding out that Marcus killed their kind. Or that he was a pandora's box just waiting to be blown wide open.

Thoughts of Marcus had Greg taking a few deep breaths. As he had told Persephone, his feelings about the man were rather ambivalent. Worst of all was that he could not ignore the issue. Case in point, he was standing in the lab, waiting as patiently as he could for Zeke to be ready to acknowledge his presence. As he had heard Marcus had been down to see Zeke, and following that Zeke had started freaking out about something. Considering the way things were going in Greg's life, clearly the two parts were related.

"Those stupid freaks were doing things they should never have done. They broke the rules. I can't believe they were that stupid. Well, I can, but it has the potential to be a disaster of epic proportions." Zeke's voice made Greg start a little, partly because Greg had never heard Zeke angry before.

"Zeke, calm down. I heard you were down here ranting and having a little meltdown. Take a deep breath, then tell me what is going on. Does it have to do with Marcus?" Greg considered physically restraining the rodent, but thought better of it. Zeke's hair was practically standing on end he was so worked up and the least thing Greg wanted was for Zeke to make the mistake of biting him. The little otherkin was too worked up to be quite safe. Rats were not necessarily all that stable at the best of times and this was clearly not the best of times for Zeke.

"The rumours we heard? Them taking otherkin alive sometimes? True. Marcus is living proof of a literal variety. I tested his blood. It's there. It's all there." Zeke stomped around the lab, his movements twitchy, restless. Greg did his best to take deep breaths, keep himself calm, despite the fact that Zeke was making him very nervous.

"What is there, Zeke?" Greg said all too patiently. His own fears of just what Marcus was rose within him. Until that moment he had not been absolutely positive that there was something wrong there.

"Werewolf. And fae. He's a halfbreed, Greg. You know the rules. It isn't safe. Too dangerous. Silver's no good. Iron's no good. They bred the weaknesses out of him, Doc." Terror was in Zeke's eyes as he turned to look at Greg, trembling like he was deathly ill. "I'm not sure he can actually be stopped. He heals like you do, better because silver doesn't do him any damage."

Greg took a careful breath, trying to think through the implications as fear mingled with rage. The Fraternity should never have done this. They had no right. They did not have the proper knowledge to know what they had done, or how dangerous it was. His beast threatened to shake itself free, howled to hunt and protect everyone from what Marcus could become.

And yet...

"He has no control. Without that he is at a disadvantage. If he loses it on his own with no help, no understanding, no one to restrain him, this could get very, very bad.  He doesn't know, does he? He asked you to check it, to find out. Ok. Get him a message. Tell him what you found. I'll try to find him as soon as I get off work, get the word out that he's a danger. And in danger. That he is going to need help." Greg suddenly thought of Xenia. What if Marcus went looking for her? It was clear that she set off his beast, although that sometimes meant she could help calm him down too. It was not a good time though. She was going to be out of control too. So close to losing it all and having to learn a whole new life.

They both were.

Greg let out a rough sigh, turning away. "I'll look after it, Zeke. We'll get it fixed." With that he stalked out, heading up to his office. He had to get word to Persephone especially, and to the rest of them.

Things were going to go badly. that was about the only thing Greg was certain of. How it would be in the end he had no idea. He just hoped most of them made it through.

If they were very lucky Marcus was going to be just what they needed to deal with the Fraternity.

If not, he would make all they had done look like a basket of cupcakes.

"Greg?" Zeke's voice was tentative, following the doctor out the door. Greg paused, then turned back.

"What, Zeke? Isn't that enough? I have calls to make." Greg's frustration was showing, his jaw tight. There was much to get done, and his shift was not over yet.

"I... you should know. I... think, not sure, it isn't positive..." Zeke sucked in a deep breath, steeling himself visibly. Greg knew this was not going to be good. "I think that your aunt was his mother. His blood, it's close enough to yours. The mutations of the infection. It fits."

It was clear Zeke was afraid of what this news was going to do to Greg. Rightly so. Those bastard Fraternity fools had taken his aunt years ago. They had all assumed she was dead, that they had killed her. Then the rumours. No body. Greg swallowed, then snarled and hurried up to his office. He needed to get himself back under control. Trying to go after the Fraternity single-handedly was not going to do anyone any good.

The End

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