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The black feline had gracefully leapt from the gates of the hospital onto a small outcropping. The creature moved with an agility rarely seen in her species, but at the same time with a purpose. As the cat moved higher up the outer edges of the hospital, she found the window left open for her. Hopping inside, the creature leapt onto a stack of official documents, then eased herself onto the desk.

At that, she began to change back into the raven haired teenager from the subway. Persephone sat on the desk, legs crossed as Greg watched her with a curious look.

"I never understood the difference in our shifting, with the were creatures, out bodies literally break and reshape themselves in our other form. While you, seem to glide to and fro." Persephone gave a grin as she looked at her now human nails.

"Well that's the difference, us shifters are born this way. Your kind are viral right?" Greg frowned for a moment at her comment.

"Well, if you wish to get technical, that is what you can consider lycanthropy and the other forms. We would not see it as a disease mind you." He gave her a puzzled look, "Now, why is it you contacted me here, and why do you insist on coming in from god only knows where instead of just coming in as a patient." Persephone giggled as she looked back outside.

"I don't like being inside that much, after the Fraternity cornered us in my mother's home, I-I like being outside." Her playful nature began to fade away, "I saw him, Marcus, the Fraternity's great hunter, attack his Brothers in the subway. He seemed a bit different, like something was wrestling to get free."

Greg nodded as he appeared to be lost in thought for a moment. "Marcus, is like Pandora's box, once we unleash what's inside him. I don't know if we can close that box again," he ran over the options in his mind. Marcus could be a weapon of immense power against the Fraternity. If he was right. If he was wrong, he may unleash something very very wrong. However, his options were low, the Fraternity had been pushing their control with each passing day. More otherkin were in danger, and with Marcus, there was a chance to push back the zealots. This act today proved it, but, what about the girl? Xennie was cute, and Greg admitted to himself that he felt something for the girl. However, so did Marcus, and that would be, difficult at best to keep him in check. He had suspicions the Fraternity were working on something, the rumors of abducting otherkin that went peacefully left him uneasy at best.

However, he made a promise to Marcus, and ensure the Fraternity didn't touch her. He knew the hospital staff inside and out, even Zeke in the basement. What did have him so riled up anyways? He heard Zeke sputtering off about something earlier today, he should look into that shortly.

He turned his attention back to Persephone, "Let's keep Marcus in touch right now, just be careful Persephone, we still don't know what Marcus will do yet. Remember, what he fought today are amateurs, what if Alexander comes to the subway? We both know there is a difference in the two, Marcus may or will not stand against him, and if Marcus doesn't have the strength to fight another one of the Fraternity's best. Then what?" She furrowed her brow at him as she slunk back into her feline shape.

"What if he does? You didn't see the look in his eyes when I asked about her?"

Greg didn't respond, just watched the sun lazily set below the skyline as his own beast began to paw the ground, it desired the female too didn't  it? He wondered how long until the Fraternity would force a battle, and would Marcus be ready?

The End

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