Innocent As a HumanMature

Marcus slammed into the hospital doors as he stormed out of the facility. His blood pumping harder and faster, the soft drumming echoing in his ears. 

How dare he?

Marcus fumed as he nearly slammed into several businessmen going down the stairs. He would get to the subway, he would calm down, this werewolf had him unprepared, no weapons, no reinforcements. Then again, what did he have? What did he mean when the time was right, he would know how to find him?

Marcus sighed as he rested his back against the cool brick wall, closing his eyes he remembered Xennie. The look in her eyes when she gave him his Christmas gift, the only thing she could find that she felt Marcus' would like, a compact disc of old celtic music. He wished he could take back all the stupid things he didn't do, or say. At least she would get the flowers, right? That- monster would give her them?

As much as Marcus wanted to slam the werewolf's skull into the concrete till he felt better, he knew he had better things to do. First off, wait for the blood back from Zeke, whatever results that would be. Is he honestly a monster? Could there be something, evil in himself? Why didn't the fraternity kill him too? The questions kept slamming against his mind hoping something could be jarred loose. Marcus' attention was finally caught as he heard a young girl scream and run past him, followed by two Fraternity Brothers. He was not wearing his traditional garb, they didn't even make eye contact. He was nothing to them, they appeared as nothing more then rank amateurs to him, a confrontation in plain sight was very very sloppy. 

That was the shifter? What was her crime, Marcus wondered to himself. When they met earlier, he couldn't feel anything, only pain and sorrow. Hatred, for the Fraternity, not humans. Something inside him began to rustle, it whispered words into the darkest corners of his mind.


Flickers words began to make more sense, this girl committed a sin. The Fraternity would deal with her, until that point. No hand would be laid upon her, he stepped away from the wall with a single stride. He began to run, he began to feel needles surging through his body again, anger, and this time a purpose. He felt the urge to hunt, but it wasn't the shifter this time. As he ran he noticed a hooded jacket laying on the closest bench, it's owner wouldn't mind if he borrowed it for now. Last thing he would need is his identity known. 

The Fraternity hunters and the shifter were found in one of the locker rooms, she tried running in there then becoming a cat to hide. Unfortunately the first thing a Fraternity Brother is taught is how to find his prey, they had her cornered, and now were just waiting for the kill. 

"In the name of the father, impure souls will be banished to Eternal Hell," The girl was no older then a teenager, 17 at the very most. Marcus' growled under his breath, she had committed no crimes he knew of? Was this merely a hunt to make a kill? The young girl glared at the hunters, fear and hatred battling each other, this was not the sign of a killer. She was afraid of them.

"You will take me, like you did my mother before, leaving me alone in this world? I won't go like she did, I'm not afraid of you!!" Marcus could feel his heart wrenching for this girl, the Fraternity stole her mother? He was familiar with the crimes of shifters, most of the time petty thieves, very few shifters have taken a life. He placed his hands against the doorframe, forcing himself to stay put. He could feel the rage boiling again, screaming to put these two arrogant fools into the ground. The first hunter grinned as he pushed the shifter against the metal frame, his face only inches from the young girl's as he held the dagger to her chest. He grinned as he began sliding the dagger from the base of her shirt, up to her throat, just barely pricking the frightened girl's neck.  

"We stuck her for being an impure beast, just like we should do you right now." He grinned as he held her against the locker with his larger frame. "Now tell me why we shouldn't do the same to you, at that point fear broke out against hatred and she began to sob. 

At this point, Marcus lost control against the rage. Before he could reason against why this is a bad idea he had already let loose a aggravated roar. With his shoulder down he slammed into the first Brother, he barely had enough time to spin around as Marcus then grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into the locker. As he crumpled to the ground Marcus grabbed the agents weapon and threw it at the leg of the other hunter. The weapon connected with a wet thunk as it forced him to turn towards this new attacker. All he saw was a hooded man by the body of his companion, then he felt himself being hoisted into the air by the same man. He tried to scream for help but the air didn't leave his lungs. He began to pry the cold steely hands from around his neck free, the man responded by slamming him into the wall. All he heard was a cold grating voice from inside the hood.

"This subway is my territory now, these people, are innocent!" The Brother gave a wet laugh as his attacker let him take a small breath. 

"Innocent as what? They're impure filth, why fight for them?" The hooded man growled as he decided that they would be an example to the others. 

"Innocent as a human, they would stand trial for their crimes before judgement, not be burned for who they are. Now begone before I show you something you need to be afraid of," He threw the Brother at the door, he landed with a solid crashing sound as he rolled outside. He got up, and began running down the subway tunnels.

Marcus looked at the other Brother, he was out cold. No threat from him anymore, now for the girl. He turned his gaze to her and pulled back the hood. She looked at him for a moment in astonishment, she knew exactly who he was, he carried the same stench as the others. She knew this one by name, the others whispered it in the night, when it came to the Fraternity, he was one of the worst. 

"What do you want?" Her voice was shaking as she lowered herself to the ground, she could take one of her cat forms, claw, bite, scratch, get enough time to get past him and run. He couldn't chase her down in that form. Marcus didn't make any motion for a weapon, he simply stood there. 

"Miss, I am sorry, I know you cannot trust me, especially me for what I've done, but know this. I am not here to harm you. I'm passing through, that is all," He looked towards the unconscious brother on the ground before giving a small sigh.

"I cannot speak for them, but know this, I am realizing there are no black and white answers in this world. For her, I realize that I need to find out something for myself." He turned towards the door and began to walk away. The shifter hesitated for a moment before following.

"Hey! Wait up! Come on, you want to learn about right and wrong, the subways the best place to start!" She grinned as Marcus came to a stop. She extended a grubby hand, "Name's Persephone!" She waited for a moment as Marcus gave her a puzzled look. She put her hand back down again as Marcus stared at her.

"You live down here?" She frowned a bit before responding to his question, as if she was digging up a painful memory.

"Yes, do now, still go to school and all that, come down here, turn into a cat, or something hard to notice and sleep here. Mum used to live in a nice apartment, but she's gone now." She smiled again, "But there are lots of nice people here who take care of eachother, come on!" 

The next few hours, Marcus was introduced to several otherkin in the subway, they were all friends, they all seemed to look out for each other. Marcus watched with great interest, they stole a little bit to survive, but he couldn't smell the blood on any of them. He had to admit he was a bit envious, they were family, not by blood or even code, but by friendship. Even the fey child extended a small hand to him as she created a small glimmer of magical energy. It hopped too and fro before vanishing in a shower of sparks. 

As the Hunter and prey shared a hot dog from the vendor she gave Marcus a puzzled look, "Who is this girl you mentioned earlier?" Marcus didn't respond at first, then seemed to not know the proper words to respond.

"Someone very special to me," Persephone giggled, and kept eating her hot dog. 

"She must be a lucky girl to have the big bad Marcus swept away," Marcus furrowed his brow at her for a moment before grinning as he took another bite of his hot dog. They finished their meal without another word.

Hours past before Persephone realized she needed to be somewhere, bid goodbye to Marcus and invited him back to the tunnels anytime he wanted company. Marcus nodded and bid her safe travels, as he walked back to the subway, he realized with a sinking feeling he had now attacked his own Brothers with the intent to save a shifter, no not intent. He did save her, didn't he?

As he walked back to the apartment, a lone back cat meowed to her silent guardian as she went in the other direction towards the hospital. She knew he would love to hear about this. 

The End

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