We All Fall DownMature

Marcus saw her, Xenia surrounded by many hungry eyes. He reaches for her, but where his hands lay. There were only claws, monsterous bloody claws. He looked back up, Xenia now lay on the ground, her throat torn out. He caught his reflection in the pool of blood, he was a werewolf?


He awoke with a scream, his body covered in a cold sweat. He recalled the night, Xennie, the werewolf who knew of him. Why was he able to heal so fast anyways? He knew the Fraternity was a bad idea to investigate his past, they were pretty concrete about the past remaining buried, especially the Brothers who hunted. He knew someone who would be very useful, a ghoul he allowed to live because he pilfered hospital blood, not human. 

The ghoul was a talented hacker, and able to find information most others would fail miserably. He pulled a simple black long sleeve over his chest, leaving his weapons behind he noticed the brand new motorbike waiting for him. 

He paused for a moment, the subway would be a better path today. If the Fraternity could keep better tabs on him above then below.

Hopping on the subway, he noticed something, there were several monsters down here. The homeless man begging for change, he was a vampire. The bag lady hiding by the tracks with her child, both changelings. He didn't feel threatened by them, in fact he felt a lonliness in them. Like they never wanted to be monsters but they were getting by the best they could, Why are his sense going off like this today? 

He knelt by the mother and her child, they were fey folk, he felt the wyld magics flittering about them. He placed a stack of bills and a celtic charm at her feet with his head bowed, the mother looked at him with awe and fear. He was of Fraternity, they were supposed to fear his type. 

He didn't say anything further but stepped onto the subway, as it began the metal cylinder shuddered and began it's trip. His mind pulled towards Xennie and how many times he didn't realize what was going on. She had feelings for him? Did he have feelings for her? Did he even know how to have feelings? He rested his head aganst the cool metal of the subway and allowed his thoughts to scatter and vaporize. 

An hour later, he was there. Flicker, a very creative ghoul had begged him to be spared in exchange for any information Marcus demanded. It was a very good arrangement.

Flicker was a hunched over young man, about the age of 17, very pale and misshapen. As the usual process when a ghoul is created, Marcus put his Sire back in the ground, and realized Flicker was too damn stupid to be a threat on his own. The ghoul looked amazed Marcus would make this request of him.

"S-s-s-spy on the Fraternity, but why ask when you can go get the knowledge!" Marcus gave an annoyed groan.

"Flicker, if I need you, do you think this is something I want them to know?" Flicker scratched his chin for a moment, and hobbled over to his terminal.

"Aye Boss, I gotcha, so I need to research what makes you special? I gots me a blood specialist down at Heights, she can analyze yer blood!! If somethin' hidin' in there I bet she could tell you too!!"

Marcus sighed, typical. He could very well sneak into the hospital and meet Flickers contact. The more information he could get, the better. 

"Flicker, I have a question, do you think I can have something deeper inside me, a monster?" Flicker looked at him in amazement for a moment.

"We all got monstahs inside, just what you do with them makes you a real monstah or not..." He grinned as he turned his gaze back to the terminal. "You kills the monstahs that choose to be bad, I don' see you as a monstah."

Flicker told Marcus he'll pass along whatever information comes back from the search. Marcus thanked him and left several blood packs for his trouble.

Marcus returned to the subway and awaited his next destination. If there was something special about him, he had to know. The Fraternity was keeping his past hidden from him. How dare they? He bled for them, killed for them, and now he was about to find something out that may endanger his life.

However, his thoughts lay to Xennie. Maybe he could find out if she made it through the night, maybe pay a nurse to bring her some flowers. He wasn't ready to face her just yet, but he wanted to show he was still out there. Plus Flicker's source was a definite lead in a good direction.

Finally, there was this mysterious werewolf. He wanted to encounter this beast again, maybe on neutral ground. If this monster was willing to talk, he could listen, for now at least.

The End

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