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Marcus pulled up to this apartment first, Alexander had agreed to secure this building first to ensure Xennies safety, the hairs on his neck already alerting him that in fact, there was something definitely wrong here. He pulled the bike off to the alley and killed the engine. He took one final check of his equipment. Colts, his daggers, three vials of holy water, and a sun flare. Good, there were two quickloaders for his guns at his wrist if need be as well. He felt a presence at his back, in a single fluid motion he drew his gun and aimed into the shadows. The shape threw up it's hands in mock surrender.

"Aye lad, it's be me ya be aimin' at, just remember," The fraternity brother drew a wicked looking set of bayonet blades, blessed silver of course, "That I c'n put one of these between yer eye at this pace" Marcus lowered the firearm and gave a small nod.

"Alexander,let's get this over with," the older man gave a nod as they both bowed their heads before the hunt,  "in the name of the father, amen," As they crept towards the building. Marcus remembered another conversation with Xennie. She had prepared him dinner that night, it was good meal, lots of protein for him. She was expecting something that night as well, something he wasn't sure how to even go about. He frowned to himself as he heard a rustling in the brush. Alexander nodded, he would investigate that. As Alex crept into the brush Marcus could feel one of them watching him. He was trained from childhood for these creatures. He could feel them, drawing his pistol again he saw the beast rush him. 

It was a massive one, must have been a body builder before the curse. Quickly snapping off two shots the monster fell to it's knees, but kept rushing at him. Now pulling itself along by it's massive forearms. Marcus moved backwards as he aimed for a killing blow, he didn't react in time when a second monster crashed into him, it's paws slashing into his coat. He scrambled for a blade when the monster tried raking it's claws against his chest, only to have the paws scrape against blessed silver. It howled in pain as it tried to scurry away. It met with a dagger into the jawline and a cold grimace as Marcus drew himself to his feet. He then turned his attention to the second beast, "Come on, all I did was blow off your stupid legs. Come on, get up, fight me!! Fight me!! Hurry! Hurry!!" He caught himself, he was livid? What was wrong, the battle is about calm, and control. That is what separates us from them. The creature lunged at him with a great leap, Marcus laughed wildly as he placed a dagger through the eye of the beast, he wrestled to get himself back under control. 

Maybe it was Xennie, he remembered when he came home another night. It was a bad hunt, he was injured. She heard him stumble in, she gasped. She tried to touch him? He recoiled from her touch, he didn't like being handled. Why did she feel so warm? He let her bandage him up, that night, he felt, almost ok, he didn't need to be guarded. Next day, he explained it was a group of punks that jumped him. It was mostly the truth. Was he worried about her? No, keep on the mission. He then saw something on the ground that made him feel very very wrong. Her purse, and blood, drawing both firearms now. He followed the trail, whatever was on the other end was about to get his fury. 

"Alexander, inside! I'll handle the other vermin out here," He didn't want anything getting between him and the monster out here. Did they attack her? Did she come here to find him? It didn't matter, she was in danger. "I will carry out God's punishment unclean filth, now show yourself!!" His challenge was answered by a gunshot, he felt the bullet enter his shoulder, and the burning pain that followed. His pistol skittered to the ground as he reeled back from the gunshot.

He spied the monster, it had a firearm, but it hadn't completely shifted yet. In his other arm, he quickly drew the solar flare. Striking it against the ground he gave a small grin, then threw it right at the wolf. It howled in anger as the solar flare wrecked havoc on it's body. The creature reverted to it's human form before crumpling to the ground. Marcus didn't even break stride as he stood over the man, his duster floating in the wind. Like an angel of death, he levelled his gun to the man's foot, and shot. The limb exploded in a mixture of blood and bone, followed by a howl of pain. 

"I will ask you once, where is she?" His breath came out in ragged gasps. His body was designed and blessed by the chaplain to handle wounds that would normally stop his brothers, not him, he was special. He was furious, and this abomination would feel his wrath, before he sent him to Hell. The creature gave a small laugh as he spat blood at Marcus. He responded this time by blowing his hand off, the creature howled in pain a second time, cursing his name. 

"Where is she!!" He screamed as he bashed the man with the butt end of his colt. He could feel his blood flowing red hot, his heart pounding harder then ever before. The man gave a weak gesture behind him before succumbing to the silver mercury flowing through his veins. 

Marcus let his pistol fall as he saw the sight. Xennie, she was wounded, badly. Her body looked damaged, quickly drawing out his bandages he rushed to her side. He didn't know what to do, the Fraternity states a wounded civilian should be put down or risk her turning. However, he was responsible for this, he drew back one of his silver daggers. A simple throat slash, and she would feel anymore. His arm trembled, he could not do it. He just remembered the shy grin the young woman gave him every time she felt nervous, or the times she made him dinner. Or that odd moment, she held him close, she was warm. That other night, he had dealt with an idiot who thought she was his property, the look in her eyes for him, was, she feeling something for him?

"Slag it!!" He reached for his cell phone, "Alexander, I have found a civilian, she feinted, but is uninjured. I am leaving her at the hospital for safe keeping." He gave a silent prayer that Alex did not want to confirm this himself. 

"That is fine Brother, safe travels. The house is clear, our job is done," Marcus didn't even reply, he did what he could to bandage her wounds. He then picked her up, taking her to the nearest car he quickly smashed in the window. Placing her gently inside he quickly started the vehicle and drove to the hospital.

During the drive, he heard a soft moan from the backseat. He prayed she wouldn't wake up right now, this is not what she needs. 

Getting to the hospital he pulled up to emergency. Several nurses came to the vehicle and saw the situation. They had her on a gurney in minutes and wheeled off, Marcus took that time to get away himself.

If the Fraternity finds out about this action, he would be dismissed, that was if he was lucky. However, there is a chance she wouldn't be turned, and that chance was enough to give him reason to not take her life. Maybe there was more as well, hunters were trained as a weapon of God, not to think of the desires of the flesh. He knew Alexander would have his own questions, those would have to wait. He noticed his shoulder had stopped bleeding, thankfully his attacker was a lousy shot. Must have been a grazing wound, as he walked back to his bike. He could feel the presence of something, hungry watching him. He kept a hand on a vial of holy water as a precaution, or at least to give him comfort. This night was not over yet.

The End

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