The FraternityMature

Marcus frowned to himself, this workshop is a ghost of his former lab. Going to make the hunts quite, annoying. He ran his hand over his pistols, they were heavily modified colts. Both Celtic runes and Christian symbols adorned the barrel in heavy silver. Several spare bullets sat beside the guns, pressed silver, blessed by the Fraternity Chaplain.

He was sloppy, how could he be? He was trained from his childhood to hunt the beasts. The creatures that prayed on the sheep, he was a weapon. He picked up several silver daggers and began to slip them amongst his person. The last words of his most recent victim played through his mind.

"The cow would make a good snack, pity your stench will make our meal not nearly as delicious," The werewolf didn't get another word out before Marcus fired two slugs into the demons skull, a dousing of holy water and the corpse was nothing more then ash.

"I'll send you to the deepest pits of Hell, while you are there, please beg forgiveness for the lives you have stolen," Marcus then holstered his firearms and faded back into the night.

He kicked himself again, he had hunted these monsters for how long? This is the first time one of them found his home, then the girl; she was so innocent. So naive of the world about her, of the demons that lay just beneath the snowy white surface. His cell phone rang out, rousing himself from his thoughts he answered.

"Yes," The voice on the other end belonged to his keepers. The gentleman on the other end didn't dispense with formalities.

"We have another one, the location is being emailed to you. As well as your new address. I pray we do not have to do this again Brother Marcus."

The call ended, Marcus calmly set the cell phone down. His thoughts still ran to the girl. She was untouched by the war, this was a world she was not meant to be part of. Marcus loaded a few vials of holy water into his blood red duster as he began the final rituals before he proceeded to the hunt. The pack of the monster he killed earlier would be next, may the Holy God have mercy on their bones. For he will not, as he left the meager apartment he decided he should check on Xenia. Make sure she is ok, and maybe set a ward up to drive off the beasts. 

He knew her blood would be on his hands if he failed her, and that was unacceptable to him. If he finished his job tonight, any traces of the monsters that may know where he lived would be over and done with. He debated over asking Brother Alexander to assist in the hunt tonight, he decided he would leave a message. If Alexander joined the hunt tonight, there would be a better chance of no stragglers. 

The End

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