Mikoto Suoh meets Mikoto Misaka.Mature

I've always thought that it'd be interesting for these two to meet.

Kusanagi was wrestling his jacket to put it on outside Homra’s door. It was raining. Mikoto was leaning on his side at the entrance's sill.

Kusanagi: Mikoto, I’ll need to go on an errand today’s eve. There won’t be anyone to tender the bar for me but you, see? everyone’s off today and there’s a no way I’d let Anna do this sort of job. Look after it for me, will ya?

Mikoto: Huh?... S-sure… What errand?

Kusanagi: Some deliveries. Ahh. Right. Also… There’ll be a buyer coming here to get the unused wardrobe in the basement.

Mikoto: Ahh. That wardrobe?

Kusanagi: Right. The name's, Mikoto. Will you take care of that too please, king? I’ll owe ya one.

Mikoto sighed: Leaving me with another Mikoto would be an interesting idea, huh?

Kusanagi: I actually did think of it that way, too.

Mikoto raised his eyebrow.

Kusanagi continued, opening up his black umbrella, "But when the costumer is merely a young lady, I didn’t think of it to be bad." He winked.

Kusanagi looked at his watch, “ah! Shit... I gotta run. Mikoto! I’m counting on you buddy!”

He waved and ran off.

Mikoto looked at his friend go under the rain, then went in.

He slammed the door, then lit a cigarette, taking in a full lung of smoke.

With letting it out, he smirked. 



After few hours, Mikoto happened to be rubbing the bar clean.

“I forgot to ask him when that Mikoto’s gonna be here… shit. I want to nap..”, he mumbled to himself, then yawned.

“Excuse me!”, a voice behind Homra’s door.

(knock knock knock)

“Hello?”, the voice repeated. Then there was a sneeze.

Mikoto slowly walked towards the door, then forced it open.

(bells jingled)

He looked at the girl indifferently, “Mikoto?”, he asked her.

"What a service!! leaving your costumers under the-!", she paused.

“Y-yes. I am Mikoto.” she responded, blushing.

"Please come in. It is cold outside.", The king offered her.

He closed the door.

“A-amm!”, she stretched her hand forward, “Nice to meet you! Who am I talking to?”

“Mikoto'', he replied.

“eh?.... is this… some kinda joke?”, she smiled, though her eyebrows weren’t satisfied.

He: ya want that wardrobe or not?

She nodded: E-emm.

He took her jacket off gently, then hanged it on the coat rack near the door.

She: I-I’m sorry you needed to come pick me up at the door, I wasn’t sure whether I should’ve went in or-

“No worries.”, he interrupted her. Leading her to the basement.

She clicked her tongue, “H-how annoying... I wanna beat his ass up...”, she mumbled to herself.

“Here we are.”, he broke her thoughts.

“I-it’s dark. I can’t see.”, she said.

“Yah. It’s always dark in here. It is where nobody’s allowed to step a foot after all...”, he commented.

“h-huh?!”, she jumped, stepping back.

“Joking.”, he commented with a poker face.

“Y-you!! I will get you for this!!”, she blushed.

He turned on the lights using some kind of button stuck to the wall, “voila...”, he uttered.

“hm!”, she turned her head, and accidentally towards the wardrobe she was here for, “eh? The wardrobe. It is…”

“Classic.”, he said. “My friend’s fond of the English style. He’s got himself this beautiful thing straight from England.”, he said proudly, patting the wooden furniture.

“I meant... It is huge.”, she lowered her head, disappointed.

“Huh? Weren’t you aware of that?”, Mikoto asked her.

“N-no… for it looked smaller in the photo..”, she said.

“… ah-hah-hah-hah! you-h silly-h! Wardrobes are usually big and heavy. Heck, did you really believe a tiny little photo? Huh. Baka.” he mocked her.

She stared at the beautiful laughing man for a while and in shock, then broke out, “Y-you!!! Shut up!!!! I’ll ask someone’s help.. wait.. let's see..”, she blushed, surfing something on her phone.

Mikoto lit a cigarette.

She looked at the handsome figure around the edge of her eyes, then altered them back at her phone's screen, “Mo-most of my contacts are females...” she sighed, still blushing.

“Not cute.”, he said.

“Is that your way of saying help me?”, he smirked.

She flushed.

“Who would need help from someone like you?!”, she yelled, kicking the wardrobe.

Mikoto clicked his tongue, frowning his eyebrows.

“Don't kick that. Your face’s crimson, you need to take a deep breath." he growled at her, which made her apologies.

"Say, where do ya live about?”, he asked, blowing the smoke at her already blown up face.

She coughed twice, “Not too far from here…”, she sighed, “I thought I’d meet the nice guy I have spoken to on the phone, who the hell are you?”, she asked, almost disappointed.

“Kusanagi?”, Mikoto suggested.

“Y-yeah, right!… is he around?”, she wished.

“It’s only me and you.”, he said bluntly.

Despite flushing again, she managed to show an angry expression.

“Here..”, he said stepping on the cigarette he half finished.

He leaned down, and held a side of the big item, “I will help ya.”, he said gently.

“Th-thanks….”, she held the other part. Smiling at him.

They heaved it, then started to exit the basement.

“Watch out the stairs.”, he commented.

“Y-yes… I mean no!! Don’t worry about me! Huh!... eek!”, she fell down to her back.

Mikoto managed to grab the massive thing by himself, injuring his palm, then put it down.

“Oi… you alright?”, he asked.

The girl didn’t respond. She didn’t even flinch. Her eyes were closed.

“O-oi…”, he carried her head up with his big palm, then slapped her face twice with the bloody one.

“Ouch!!”, she yelled.

“What.. you’re fine..”, he said, sighing in relief.

“Aha-hahah! I got you! Ahahaha!”, she laughed.

She paused for a while, realising his hand still heaving her head, and his face offering her a warm smile.

She flushed redder than ever, then pushed him back even harder, "Eew! What is this...?! huh? blood..?!"


A loud sound was produced where he fell.

It was the ominous wardrobe.

“H-huh?! Y-you okay..?”, she tugged his arm as strong as she possibly could to take his weight out of the broken glass.

She successfully flipped him out and onto the floor.

There were spots of blood on his back now, too, smearing his white shirt.

“H-hey... I-I’m sorry!! You okay?! S-say something!!”, she kept nagging, almost sobbing.

It took him a while to retrain conscious, “F-fine..”, he sat straight, or at least tried to, for he was actually dizzy.

“Heh... got ya..”, he winked, smirking.

She slapped him a handful.

He fell to his back. Unmoved.

“H-hey!!!”, she cried again.

Meanwhile, there was a voice coming from the distance and towards the basement.

“Mikoto-san? did the buyer arrive yet?”, a familiar voice.

‘O-oh, it’s the Kusanagi guy!”, she ran to him, leaving the plank body behind.



After an hour:

Kusanagi: So? That what has happened, eh?

They both nodded. With Mikoto half-naked before the girl, and getting the needed attention for his wounds from Kusanagi behind his back.

Kusanagi slapped the wound.

“H-hurts..!!”, Mikoto cringed. The girl’s jaw fell down, “Don’t-!”

Kusanagi: Do you know how much time and money I have sacrificed to get that grand thing you call “ominous”?!

“S-sorry..”, both of them lowered their heads in guilt.

Kusanagi: I have lost it… I wish I’d chosen to sell the parts!! Bah! You guys were playing around the great thing! Unbelievable. But also call it ominous... what are you? 3rd graders?!

The girl stood up, “I’m sorry.. it was all my fault… I was so careless. I haven’t considered a thing and wasn’t serious at all about how precious it is. I was even so stupid to decide to come here alone, the kind man offered me his help, he doesn’t deserve the blame.”, she looked at Kusanagi, “I’ll take it all, Mr. Kusanagi.”

Kusanagi sighed.

“Do you really think that I’d let a young lady like you to leave this place with such face?”, he smiled elegantly to her. She blushed, looking back at the floor. "Don- call me that.."

“Oh well.. accidents happen. This man’s like rock. He’s always fine. So don’t worry about him.”, Kusanagi hit the king's head softly, paused, then continued, “sst.. also… yah. My pals're gonna be here soon, they’ll drive the wardrobe you wished for peacefully to yer place soon. Just wait for some time.”

“S-sure... thanks.”, she replied. “Hell don’t call me a young lady!”, she blushed, kicking his knee.

All she does is kicking... Mikoto thought.

“Do you still want it? It is broken…”, Mikoto wondered, almost blaming himself.

“Yes!”, she smiled brightly to him. “I'm totally fine with it!! My friends will help me do the fixing! Donchu worry.”, she tilted her head, smiling brighter than ever. Making 'him' blush this time.

When the rain stopped, it was time to take that wardrobe to her place, and her to leave, she stood outside the Homra’s bar waving. "Thanks heaps! Sorry for any disturbance I have occurred. It was nice to meeting you all-", she paused when her eyes met with Mikoto’s.

He was smiling to her as gentle as the time she’s pushed him. She blushed for the memory, smiling back at him.

Kusanagi: Pay us a visit anytime, you’re always welcome in here. Right? Mikoto?

Kusanagi nudged Mikoto -who was spacing out- with his elbow.

“A-ahh. Sure. Mikoto, let’s meet again.”, he told her, smiling yet again.

“Y-yes..”, she blushed, then mumbled to herself.

He was her perfect type after all.





The End

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