Mikoto Suoh, wakes up a female.

It was a warm and peaceful summer morning. He has awaken by an unusual feeling, uncomfortable, although he was resting on his chest which he's always thought was the best position to sleep peacefully. It was hopeless to sleep this time.

He wrestled the blanket for a moment, or two. Still no good.

The sharp rays of the flaming star coming from the sky and through his window pierced, yet grilled his golden eyes.

He snapped, sitting on the bed, sighing. his Legs leaned on his sides and around his hips, girlishly.

His shirt hanged on his shiny shoulders, as big as a tent.

"...huh?", he looked down to examine the weight that hung upon his breast with sleepy eyes.
He poked it. It bounced.

He poked it again. It bounced again.

He touched it.

It was soft, but also squishy.

His cheeks started to heat up in reaction, turning crimson.

He pulled the neck of his shirt to peek through.

He flushed.

He apparently has gotten himself a pair of round boobs on his bust. Both with a perfect shape, too.

The sun light started to thrust its beams into his eyes, preparing him to start the midday.



After a warm and long shower -exploring other parts in his new body- he has, carelessly, managed to wrap a towel around where he thought... necessary, then walked groggily down the stairs, just as he does daily, to meet the others.
First person he bumped into... Anna.

They both stood in the middle of the stairway, with him going down and her up. Anna stared for a while. Blinking few times.

"Mikoto..?", she called softly, tilting her head like a puppy.

"Aah...", Mikoto answered back, using his new voice.

"Kawaii..", Anna gave away a little kitten like smile, her cheeks painted red.

"Is-is that so...", Mikoto's cheeks got themselves rosy too.

Anna took his hand and ran down the stairs.

She stood in the middle of the living room, or bar lounge.

"Mikoto-oneechan.", she introduced him proudly.



Yata flipped back grabbing along with him the couch he was sitting on. He has just noticed the naked and soft flesh he was staring at.

Kusanagi lost the glass he was rubbing clean, and onto the floor.

The others, including Tatara, collected themselves closer to the outlandish complication for investigation.
hey were checking out the perfect female body, in truth.
The boobs size, thighs, and other locations unnecessarily.

"Yo...", Mikoto yawned.

"Calm down, you thugs!! It is the king! It's our Mikoto-san! Give him a space, he might be overwhelmed...", Kusanagi claimed. 

The circle of faces broke loose around Mikoto. He sighed slowly, and smoothly.

"Here, sit in here please, ojousama (princess/lady)", Kusanagi offered him gently, holding his hand and almost kissing it.

"Oooi!!", everyone scorned him. Yata hit Kusanagi's at the back of his head.

Anna sat beside the transformed male on the couch, not letting go of his hand one second.

"So? What is going on, quee-kingu...", Kusanagi fixed his glasses, trembling.

"Not sure...", Mikoto's said simply.

"Ka-kawaii~", everyone drooled to his voice.

"You can't stay around here with your skin exposed, not next to these barbarians... come, i'll find you something appropriate to put on.", Kusanagi took Mikoto's hand to help him stand, already reaching the stairs, but the towel has fallen to his ankles before reaching.

A fountain of hanaji (nosebleed) was produced in every direction.

Everyone has managed to act busy on his own way.

"Kusanagi~ why should you be the one closer to Miko-chan! Not fair!", Tatara whined.

"... Miko-chan..?", Mikoto uttered.

"Y-yah!! You need a n-new name y-you see..!! I think Miko-chan suits you best Mikochan!!", Yata shouted, spitting at the king's face.

Mikoto fisted down his head.

"Yata-kun...", Mikoto thought he growled out, but it turned into a shrieky voice.

Everyone cried. They've even offered each other tissues...

Anna volunteered to take care of the new Miko-ch...Mikoto. She's the only one able to be responsible of him from now on, she justified.

She took him to her room, and sat him down on her very little chair. She let down his silky and long hair that covered the soft skin of his bony back, then started to brush it.

"I'm hungry...", he yawned. She giggled.

"Now, i'll need to buy you some fitting clothes, please stand straight so I can measure your size, Miko-chan", Anna blushed.

"Don't call me that...", he looked away, cheeks pink.

He felt wrong. It was all wrong. A man standing naked before a very underage acquaintance. Him in her room. Her brushing his -long- hair. The decision of his new name. Kusanagi kissing his hand. Everything was wrong, but not the body. He liked his new body.

He actually thought about how the experience of female masturbation would be like, but also how 'ejaculation' would feel like.

Anna -the little angel- broke his thoughts, "I'll go out now. It won't be long-ah... I'll bring you something to eat before leaving. Please sit down and practice brushing your hair the way I taught you, Miko-chan. Be a good girl okay?", she smacked the door chuckling.

"Great. I've became Anna's doll", Mikoto mumbled. 

He looked at his messy hair in Anna's little -dolly- mirror.
He actually started to brush it... not sure if he was bored, hopeless and desperate, or enjoying the experience.

When Anna was back, Mikoto appeared to be having a nap on her little armchair. She woke him up, shaking his shoulder gently and giggling.

He opened his -big- amber eyes, "I'm hungry... you forgot my foo-"

Anna looked very excited. He's doomed, he thought.

"What now?...", he rubbed his eyes, then yawned, yet again.

"I-I forgot that most stores are all closed for today... but don' worry. I found you a neko costume (cat). It's better than nothing and.. I think it's cute.", she blushed once again.

"I'm not worried...", he sighed, then continued, "say... with this outfit-"

"Hurry! Put it on!", she interrupted him. "You want to hurry eat, no?"

Another hour later, Anna brought Miko-chan down stairs to show everyone.

The little evil, Mikoto thought.

She even fixed his hair in a high tail, showing a long attractive neck to the adult males.

"Ahhh h-hottt...!", everyone thought.

"Saa, Miko-chan, say nya!", Tatara suggested.

"N... no", Mikoto blushed, looking away. "Food-"
Anna looked at him, her eyes shining, "Nya, Mikoto...", she asked him using her innocence and puppy eyes.
It was only Anna that he couldn't refuse, ever.

"N-n....", he uttered. Everyone was burning in wait, like a candle melting with time.

They nodded twice.



"Kawaaiiii!!", they celebrated.

"One more time Miko-chan?!", they begged.


"Kawaiii!!!"they've finally melted to the floor.



Meanwhile: "Hey guys! Shht~ Mikoto-san is talking in his sleep..", Yata whispered to the other members in the lounge room, laughing and curious. One whispering to other to keep it down.

Mikoto was sleeping on the couch,


"Eh? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh??!"

Everyone looked at each other, surprised, unbelieving what their ears're hearing, and their eyes're looking at.

Tatara brought his camera to record the extravaganza.

"Nya~h...", Mikoto mumbled.

He rotated sleepily, facing the camera.

Tatara stepped back, alarmed for any other move.

"Nya..?", he repeated the word with different tuning each time.

He twitched in his sleep, "... Nyaaa~", then growled. His voice as low and husky as ever. 

"Ka.. kawaii...", they confessed. They wondered whether he was dreaming of being in a form of a cat, for he wouldn't stop meowing. He even hissed.

"Th-this recording should never be shown to him ever eh~? Ah-ahahaha...", Tatara proposed to the others.

The End

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