Chapter 6Mature

Mike turned on the landing light. Carrying an unconscious man down stairs was hard work, and he did not want to fall. He had killed people by accident before, and that was not an experience he cared to repeat. He moved sideways, and slowly, picturing himself moving like a conveyor belt. Then he noticed himself thinking like this, and felt stupid and self-conscious.

Rather than go out the front door and risk being seen, Mike decided to go through to the garage. He had not spotted any cars outside, but he had seen a large door under the extension, and put two and two together. Once he had managed the stairs, Mike put Mr Francesco down on the ground. He found it much easier to drag people than to carry them. He dragged the lump of fat and muscle around to the right of the house, underneath the extension he had seen before.

Opening the door, Mike saw three cars in the long, dark garage. He turned on the light. There were more guns in here. Many, many more guns. Mr Francesco obviously kept his antiques and most valuable guns upstairs, as there was enough for an army here. Mike thought about this for a while before he worked it out: Mr Francesco was with the mob. This explanation made sense to him. Obviously Mr Francesco was an evil man. How he could have a daughter like Maddy was a mystery. He didn’t deserve her, though. And now Mike was taking everything away from him.

Mike started to reach into his bag when he thought of something. He laid Mr Francesco on the floor and began to check the drawers in the garage. After a few minutes, he found what he wanted. Handcuffs, tape and rope. He bound his target up and pulled out the keys he had taken earlier. He pressed the keys and saw the car closest to the door light up. Lucky, Mike told himself. He dragged Mr Francesco to the car and opened the trunk. When he had packed the unconscious man into the car, he opened the driver’s door and got in.

But of course, he had forgotten something. He got out of the car and walked to the garage door. He found the key on the same key ring as the car key, and lifted the door with no trouble. There was one more thing. Before he got back into the car, he checked the engine. Then he dropped to the floor and checked the underside. He got back in and checked the glove compartment. He felt underneath each of the seats. Nothing. Best to be careful though.

He drove the car out, before returning to shut the garage door as before. He locked the garage door, then remembered to lock the front door too. He checked everything over in his mind to make sure he had not left any trace of his presence. He could not think of anything, and, after telling himself to think harder, decided he could no longer stand to look at the house. He’d broken that family. He might possibly have taken out a mob boss, but he’d still wrecked a family. That poor girl. Her mom too. Still, he thought… fifty grand. It’s a hard life, but it’s worth it. Time to deliver the goods. He smiled as he pulled out on to the road, his delivery in the trunk.

The End

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