Chapter 3Mature

Maddy and Mike pulled up to the looming shadow of a house. It took a lot of persuasion for Maddy to allow Mike to pay for the cab, but the driver was eventually sent on his way. They staggered up the path together, Maddy leaning heavily on Mike’s left shoulder, and Mike praying that she wouldn’t ask about the sports bag he had by his other side. He quietly lost it when he sensed the dark presence of the house come closer.

            When they had finally climbed the steps at the front of the old mansion, Maddy turned to face Mike on the doorstep.

            “I’m like, really really thankful for everything that you’ve done for me Frankie. You’re like, so cute and I really think we should go on a date sometime. But I don’t like to go, like, you know…”

            “You wouldn’t like to give an Irish guy a try tonight, then?”

            “No, not tonight… but, like, you should give me a call soon, right?” Maddy kissed him. “You’re really cute.”

            “Well, OK then love. I suppose I’ll call another cab then.” Mike tried his best dejected look.

            “I’m so sorry, Frank! I can definitely, like, give you some money for it” Maddy offered, but Mike refused. He didn’t feel comfortable taking the girl’s money when he would soon be taking her father away from her.

            “Well Maddy, I’ll be seeing ya” Mike said. She said her goodbye, and then went into the house.

            Mike stood watching the house for a second, and evaluated his situation. He thought about the possible layout of the house, and what tools he might need for the job. Then he walked back to his bag. Mike thought about his target’s daughter. She had kissed him like only a drunk girl could. He felt sorry for her, but told himself not to be soft. He hadn’t made any connection – it was Frank she had wanted.

            All you need to do is keep your focus, Mike thought to himself. Put your gloves on. Get your mask over your head. That’s better. Shake that whiskey off. Come on, soldier. Fifty grand for this. Fifty. Just for one delivery. Forget about his daughter. Don’t worry about his wife. They’ll be fine. He’s not going to get hurt. He’ll be back home soon enough. Mike pulled out a small bottle of water from his bag and downed it, replacing the empty bottle when he had done so.

            And so he had avoided making any links with anyone, and had once again decided on a plan. He waited for the light in the top right window of the house to switch on, and then switch off. He walked up to the front door, and put his hand into his bag. He looked at the lock, and pulled a key ring from his bag. Choosing carefully, he slotted a silver key into the lock, and turned it. It clicked smoothly. Mike smiled his one-sided smile.


The End

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